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Straight metal staircases

A straight staircase is the most commonly used type of staircase. It consists of a series of horizontal treads connected by vertical risers. Straight staircases are simple and functional, offering direct access between two levels without curves or bends. Metal straight staircases are linear staircases with no curves or spirals.

Our achievments

Straight staircases Le Ginguené in Rennes
Bespoke iron straight staircase

This piece of work is a straight staircase that provides direct access to the mezzanine level.
The steps are made of folded sheet metal.
The stringers are “I”-shaped for a thinner-looking structure, making the whole work more aesthetic.
The railing has double poles that give a touch of originality to this work, thanks to the distinguished assembly with the barrier.
The round steel barrier runs through a sheath fitted in the centre of the double pole.

Le Ginguené à Rennes
Le Ginguené à Rennes

Straight staircases Bois Joly
Contemporary metal and wood staircase

Contemporary metallic staircase encased in traditional character-filled architecture, created in collaboration with the architect Mr J Marc Jehan.
The step supports – welded onto the stringers – are positioned to welcome the steps laid by the carpenter. The steps are wooden and have no risers.
On each side of the staircase, a railing made up of a cranked flat iron intermediate rail brings a graphic and light touch to the feature.
The whole feature is painted – just like the 18th century house it is fitted in.

Bois Joly
Bois Joly

Straight staircases Les Guérandes
Elegant wooden and metal staircase with black waxed patina

This staircase has a stringer on one side. Three corner pieces were placed to support the three components that make up each step.
Its shapes are refined and robust yet simple, fitting in beautifully with the lovely old building. Our gaze is drawn to the feature that highlights all the variations in light, making the black waxed patina gleam. This finish was chosen to underline the project’s originality.

Les Guérandes
Les Guérandes

Straight staircases Chavagne
Bespoke metal staircase and banister

Staircase with a pothook stringer. The second stringer is encased in the wall.
This staircase’s distinctive feature is that no two steps are alike. Indeed, we were required to adapt to certain technical constraints on-site: on the floor we had to begin the staircase according to the heater, then a horizontal beam threatened to compromise the way up.
The protective banister and changes in rhythm – initially imposed by the actual structure of the staircase – were voluntarily referred to again by the use of plates. Their positioning, that could first be thought of as chaotic, gives the feature its aesthetic touch.


Straight staircases Carré Richaud – Former military hospital in Versailles
Wrought iron restoration and creation project

A combined restoration and creation project, aiming to transform this exceptional place into luxury apartments. As such, the iron-worked banisters were brought up to standard and restored. All of the railings also required a certain amount of restoration work. Regarding the creative part of the project, the building was enriched with a new circular glass structure.

Carré Richaud
Carré Richaud

Characteristics of straight metal staircases

Metal spiral staircases are renowned for their strength and durability. They are built from metal materials such as steel, which offer significant structural strength. This makes them capable of withstanding heavy loads and intensive use.
Metal straight staircases are appreciated for their minimalist, modern appearance. Their straight, linear structure lends an aesthetic simplicity that blends well with different types of décor. They are equally suited to contemporary interiors and industrial spaces.
Although they have a streamlined appearance, they offer numerous customization options. Handrails, balusters and stringers can be designed in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose a design that matches their aesthetic preferences.
Finally, straight metal staircases are suitable for a variety of applications and environments. They can be used in residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses or even public spaces. Their simplicity and versatility make them a popular choice in many sectors.

Different styles of straight staircases

Modern wrought-iron straight staircase

A modern wrought-iron straight staircase is a contemporary version of a traditional straight staircase, made from durable and elegant wrought iron. This type of staircase is often designed to suit modern, minimalist interiors, while retaining the artistic aesthetic and appeal of wrought iron. Modern wrought-iron straight staircases are characterized by clean lines and simple geometric shapes. They generally avoid overly elaborate ornamentation and motifs to achieve a clean, contemporary look.

The wrought iron used in modern staircases is usually combined with other materials to create a contrast of textures and colors, adding a touch of modernity. Wrought-iron handrails and railings are an essential element of the staircase. They can be designed with geometric patterns or straight lines to complement the staircase’s modern aesthetic. From an aesthetic point of view, some modern staircases incorporate glass elements or open treads to let light through, creating a brighter, more spacious atmosphere. In addition to this aesthetic aspect, modern wrought-iron straight staircases are designed to offer optimum functionality, with particular attention paid to ergonomics and safety.

Industrial metal straight staircase

A straight industrial metal staircase is a type of staircase characterized by a sturdy, minimalist and functional design. These staircases are often used in industrial environments, lofts, renovated warehouses and contemporary spaces for their modern look and durability.

Industrial straight staircases are mainly made of metal, usually steel, which is renowned for its strength and resistance. Steel is a versatile material that enables us to create solid structures while maintaining an industrial aesthetic. The industrial aesthetic is characterized by straight lines, sharp angles and a minimalist appearance. Industrial metal straight staircases often follow these design principles, with a simple, functional appearance. Industrial metal staircases can be left unfinished with a black or gray steel finish, giving an authentically industrial appearance. They can also be painted in customized colors to blend harmoniously with the overall aesthetic of the space.

These staircases offer not only a distinctive industrial aesthetic, but also great stability and long-term durability, making them suitable for high-traffic spaces and demanding environments. As with any construction or renovation project, it’s advisable to call on qualified professionals to design and install an industrial metal straight staircase to ensure safety and compliance with current standards.

Contemporary wrought-iron straight staircase

A contemporary wrought-iron straight staircase is an elegant fusion of classic wrought-iron styling and modern design trends. Unlike traditional wrought-iron staircases, which feature more elaborate patterns and ornamentation, contemporary straight staircases emphasize clean lines, simple shapes and a balanced aesthetic to complement contemporary interiors.

Contemporary wrought-iron straight staircases feature clean lines and simple geometric shapes. Ornamentation is often kept to a minimum, favoring a more modern, minimalist appearance. Contemporary wrought-iron straight staircases can be finished in a variety of colors and finishes to suit the style of the interior. Classic black or white finishes are common, but customized finishes are also possible to match the room’s color palette. Wrought-iron handrails and balustrades can be creatively designed to add an artistic touch to the staircase while ensuring safety. Modern geometric patterns or original designs can be incorporated into the railing for a contemporary effect.

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