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Our partners

Crézé: a network company, involved within its territory and proud of its know-how.

Crézé is a Libre ARTbitre’s member

LAB /// Libre ArtBitre
to maintain and develop arts and crafts in brittany

Our objectives

  • One of the aims of the association is to heighten awareness public and private decision-makers on the arts and crafts’ cultural and economic interests.
  • Another goal of Libre ARTbitre association is to federate and crate connections between these arts and crafts in Brittany region to convey these know-ho and to stimulate high-quality innovation.

LAB invites renowned national artists to collaborate with these know-how.

Created in 2008, lab is a general interest association.


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Tel : +33 6 77 74 35 31
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Excellence at your service


The Métamorphose(s) association was founded in the autumn of 2015. It encompasses a group of demanding Breton companies, each having made a special mark in their particular line of work. This group aims to unite their strengths to enhance their international standing and better serve member companies throughout the world. Métamorphose(s) naturally invited them to share their know-how with a view to better preserving, uniting, sharing and opening up to new and forward-facing opportunities.


Métamorphose(s) is a grouping of high-end know-how in the field of luxury craftsmanship in Brittany. It offers strong and comprehensive synergy for national and international customers. It aims to group together companies and craftsmen who are renowned for their excellence in their own field of work, with a view to offering a unique platform for all project creators: architects, designers, decorators, institutional bodies or private individuals who wish to acquire or call upon people with expert know-how.


Authenticity, professionalism, precision and innovation - combined with standard artistic practice - are all qualities found in Métamorphose(s) stakeholders. Crossing traditional and perfectly-mastered methods with new technologies, to open an infinite field of noble material treatments and leading to the resolution of even the most complex problems, with a view to better serving demanding customers who care about obtaining the very best results.


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Breton Heritage Patronage Club

In June 2016, for the very first time in Brittany, a few companies including Crézé will be uniting to create the Breton Heritage Patronage Club. The purpose of this Club is to financially contribute to restoring the region's heritage, while at the same time preserving jobs. Preserving local jobs also means perpetuating know-how that would no doubt disappear through lack of funding. These companies have one thing in common: a passion for their land and a fervent desire to see it valued. A club to the service of Brittany, looking for new companies to add to the core founders.

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