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Crézé: Committed to its know-how, region, and network.

French Federation of Companies for the Restoration of Historical Monuments

The GMH has many callings. Its primary mission is to defend the interests of the trade, by representing companies who specialise in the restoration of historical monuments and cultural heritage sites.

The federation endeavours to facilitate the sharing and development of expertise, foster research, and promote new technologies, while also showcasing the existing trades, their associated know-how, and the techniques specific to restoration works.

Crézé is a Libre ARTbitre’s member

LAB /// Libre ArtBitre
upholding and developing artistic trades in brittany


  • One of Libre ARTbitre's goals is to raise awareness amongst public and private decision-makers concerning the cultural and economic importance of artistic trades.
  • Another is to create connections between various artistic tradespeople in Brittany, to unite and impart their expertise, and to encourage high-quality innovation.

It is with this in mind that LAB brings together nationally renowned designers to join forces and share their know-how.

This officially recognised non-profit organisation was founded in 2008.

"Sonogonos" lounge chair – designed by Pierre Charrié – manufactured by Crézé, Arbor’Ethique, and Pascal Harnois
"Effraie Domestique" framed embroidery – designed by Matali Crasset – manufactured by Brodeline and Crézé
"Renard Roux (Vulpes Vulpes)" framed embroidery – designed by Matali Crasset – manufactured by Brodeline and Crézé

Breton Heritage Patronage Club

In June 2016, and for the first time in Brittany, Crézé and a certain number of other companies came together to found the Club des Mécènes du Patrimoine de Bretagne (Breton Heritage Patronage Club).

This Club helps fund restorative works on regional heritage sites while maintaining and creating employment.
It is essential to protect local jobs to ensure that traditional expertise is not lost due to a lack of funding.

The companies that make up the Club are bound together by their love of their region and their avid aspiration to highlight its worth.

The Club is open to all Brittany-based businesses looking to join its founders in their quest for excellence.

Find out more: fondation-patrimoine.org


Drieux-Combaluzier manufactures, renovates, and repairs lifts across the Parisian area. It is the number one specialist for customised lift construction, modernisation, and maintenance in all of Paris.
In recognition of its outstanding craftsmanship and industrial expertise, Drieux-Combaluzier is EPV-certified as a Living Heritage Company.

Find out more: drieux-combaluzier.com