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The different types of wrought iron and steel awnings

Contemporary rounded canopy in wrought iron or steel

A contemporary rounded wrought-iron or steel canopy can be a wonderful addition to your home’s entrance or other areas where you want to add protection from the elements while adding an aesthetic touch. These canopies are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit different tastes and needs.

Contemporary awnings are often characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and modern materials such as glass, steel and aluminum. Wrought iron offers a more traditional, elegant look, while steel can have a more modern, industrial feel.
A rounded awning can add a unique touch to your outdoor space. You can opt for a partially rounded shape that follows the curvature of the front door, or a completely rounded shape that creates a striking visual effect.

Victorian wrought-iron canopy

A Victorian-style wrought-iron canopy is a classic, elegant option for adding character and charm to the entrance to your home. The Victorian style is characterized by intricate decorative elements, graceful curves and attention to detail.

Victorian canopies feature decorative elements typical of the era, such as scrolls, arabesques, floral motifs and lace details. Asymmetrical designs were also common in the Victorian era.
Victorian wrought-iron canopies are often finished in dark colors such as black or brown. Victorian canopies come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, rounded or arched.

Modern rectangular wrought-iron design canopy

A modern, rectangular wrought iron design canopy can create an interesting contrast between the traditional style of wrought iron and the contemporary rectangular design.

Wrought iron brings a touch of tradition and character to the structure. Wrought iron can be worked to create geometric or abstract patterns that integrate well with modern design. As for these shapes, straight lines and sharp angles are characteristic of modern style.

A modern, rectangular wrought iron design canopy can be a striking addition to the exterior of your home, skillfully blending the traditional and the contemporary to create a unique and attractive look.

Our achievments

Canopies Canopy for Bèje restaurant – Rennes
A return to the roaring twenties

Works were carried out on the Bèje restaurant, formerly the Amiral, on place de Bretagne, which has a laid back art-déco / art nouveau style. This involved creating a tailored canopy over the majority of the terrace area, which was made so fine that you can only see it from the square if you look very carefully.

Marquise sur-mesures restaurant Bèje - Rennes-1
Marquise sur-mesures restaurant Bèje - Rennes-2

Canopies Canopy in Paris
Vestibule and sandy steel canopy

This entrance to an office block in Paris’ Golden Triangle is discretely adorned with a canopy and vestibule, structured by a flowing black sandy steel frame and its two automatic doors. The curved glass panes are embossed with the building’s logo and fitted with LED lighting. A stylish, shiny, polished stainless steel rubbish bin and ashtray were placed around the canopy.

Marquise Paris - Canopy in Paris

Canopies Cinema in Dinard
Steel awning for a historical monument

Extremely large canopy, aimed to shelter the audience of a cinema in Dinard.
Made entirely of steel, it was created jointly with an architect to study the design and feasibility of the project, with a view to respecting the building’s style and that of the renowned seaside resort.
The upward sloping canopy is less cumbersome thanks to the glass panes at the very end, that also enable rainwater to run down the gutter fitted along the building.
The sanding and 120 micron-plating it underwent ensure its resistance to sea spray.

Cinéma à Dinard
Cinéma à Dinard

Canopies House in Rennes (2)
A classic and elegant iron canopy

Stylish canopy adorning the entrance to a private property, giving it a certain elegance that fits in perfectly with the house’s sobriety.
The drawings were elaborated in close collaboration with the customer.
The light pouring into the centre of the canopy give the ironwork its shine.

Maison à rennes - House in Rennes

Restoration of antique wrought iron and steel awnings

The restoration of antique wrought-iron and steel canopies is a rewarding project that helps preserve and bring new life to historic architectural elements.

To preserve antique wrought-iron canopies, our teams first carry out a thorough inspection of the canopy to assess its general condition. The aim is to identify areas of damage, rust, missing parts or weakened elements.

Following this, all parts of the awning will be removed, including glass or polycarbonate panels, brackets, wrought-iron ornaments, etc.

In our workshop, parts are carefully cleaned to remove dirt, rust and old paint layers. Our expertise enables us to replace damaged or missing steel or wrought-iron parts directly. If the marquee features wrought-iron ornaments, we restore them to their original state by straightening, reshaping or welding if necessary. Sandblasting can be used to remove stubborn rust from wrought-iron ornaments. We apply an anti-rust primer to all steel and wrought-iron parts to protect against future corrosion. For wrought-iron parts, it is also possible to opt for a varnished finish to enhance the character of the wrought iron.

Finally, once all the parts have been restored and the paint is dry, we re-assemble the canopy to the original specifications.

Restoring antique wrought-iron and steel canopies takes time, skill and attention to detail, but it can restore these ancient architectural features to their original beauty and preserve them for future generations.

Customized wrought iron and steel canopies: an adaptable design

The creation of bespoke wrought-iron and steel canopies offers exceptional design flexibility, allowing you to adapt the design to suit your aesthetic preferences, the architecture of your home and your specific needs.

Wrought iron offers classic elegance, while steel can add a modern touch. Wrought-iron awnings come in a variety of shapes: rectangular, rounded, arched, domed, or any other customized form. Various elements can be added to these shapes. Wrought-iron ornaments, such as scrolls, arabesques, floral motifs, leaves, flowers, spirals, or any other decorative element are ways of personalizing a wrought-iron canopy.

The transparent materials used can be glass, polycarbonate or other similar materials.

The creation of customized wrought-iron and steel canopies allows you to design unique architectural elements that add character and value to your property. By working closely with Crézé, you can obtain canopies that meet all your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Wrought iron canopies

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