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Custom-made metal gates & fences

Features of custom metal grilles

Custom metal grilles are architectural elements that are manufactured specifically to meet the needs and preferences of a particular customer or project. They are designed to be aesthetically appealing while fulfilling their primary function, whether in terms of safety, decoration, ventilation or space division.

Custom metal grilles are versatile elements that can be adapted to a variety of applications, from decoration and security to ventilation and space division. Their customization makes it possible to create unique architectural elements that meet the specific aesthetic and functional needs of a project or residence.

Features of custom metal gates

Custom metal gates are structures designed specifically to meet the needs and preferences of a particular customer or project. They are used as entrances to delimit properties, gardens, courtyards or other outdoor spaces.

Custom metal gates are functional and aesthetically pleasing elements that can be adapted to a variety of applications, including delineating property boundaries and adding a decorative touch to the exterior of a residence or building. Their customization makes it possible to create unique entrances that meet the specific aesthetic and functional needs of a project or property.

Our achievments

Gates & fences Restoration of Historical Gateway – Paris
Hôtel national des Invalides - ‘grille d’honneur’ gateway

Underneath its external splendour, the portail d’honneur gateway to the Hôtel des Invalides was badly corroded. Having been renovated many times since the 18th century, it was once again in need of some care and attention. The Crézé team constructed and installed a provisional grilled gateway to ensure the security of the site while the whole gateway and associated railings were transferred to be restored at our ironworks workshop.

Under the stewardship of the architect in chief for historical monuments, we cleaned, repaired, overhauled, strengthened, reforged, recreated, reassembled, treated, painted the gate before handing over to Mariotti, who specialise in gold leaf works, so they could add the final touch before reinstating the gateway on-site. A great showcase of French talent for restoring historic monuments.

Invalides grille d'honneur-2
Invalides grille d'honneur-1

Gates & fences Forged iron grills – Rennes Cathedral
The treasures of the famous cathedral

The works to restore the St Pierre Cathedral in Rennes, which started in 2009, were recently completed with the installation of the ‘Quatre Vivants’ statues in the four pendants under the dome, and the restoration of the alterpiece (originally from Antwerp) and other treasures on display. As part of these works, Crézé created grills from forged iron at its ironworks workshop, to protect the altarpiece. The traditional style work achieved its aim: the forged grills seem like they have always been there.

Grilles en fer forgé-Trésor Cathédrale de Rennes

Gates & fences The Mont-Saint-Michel
Restoration of pure iron railings

The Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the most visited monuments in France, was also restored. How to ensure the new railings would look like they had lived through 200 years of history? To give them an old-fashioned texture, all substances were skilfully forged and hammered. These pure-iron railings were adorned with traditional riveted fixtures and are resistant to sea spray and the salty sea air from the coast.

Le Mont Saint-Michel
Le Mont Saint-Michel

Gates & fences Gates into the Haras du Pin
Restoration in the service of architectural heritage

Crézé was consulted for this majestic entrance to the National Horse Breeding Centre, and proceeded to restore the gate and its spikes. The gilding on the leaves, bee and horse’s head was renewed using 24-carat gold leaf. In addition to the restoration work, gate function was also improved by making it automatic.

Portail Haras du pin - Gates into the Haras du Pin

Gates & fences Carré Richaud – Former military hospital in Versailles
Wrought iron restoration and creation project

A combined restoration and creation project, aiming to transform this exceptional place into luxury apartments. As such, the iron-worked banisters were brought up to standard and restored. All of the railings also required a certain amount of restoration work. Regarding the creative part of the project, the building was enriched with a new circular glass structure.

Carré Richaud
Carré Richaud

Gates & fences Château de la Bourbansais
Railing and front gate restoration

Our purpose here was to restore the railings and front gate to the château and animal park by adding cast iron patterns. This required us to manufacture new gates, that were painted according to the family’s colour scheme: red and white.

Château de la Bourbansais

Gates & fences Asfeld hotel
Restoration of a historical building

We improved and created a number of new features of this hotel in Saint-Malo, by manufacturing lanterns, a pure iron banister for the front steps, door furniture, doors and a gate. Crézé also took on the manufacture of locks and window latches.

Hôtel d’Asfeld - Asfeld hotel
Hôtel d'Alsfeld - Asfeld hotel

Gates & fences Solidor Tower grating in Saint-Servan

This project was fulfilled in the service of Breton architectural heritage: we designed a metal grate fitted with side support bars serving as keys for affixing the grate into its casing.

Grille Tour Solidor Saint-Servan - Solidor Tower grating Saint-Servan

Gates & fences Palais Garnier
Ironwork on gates and railings

Restoration work for the Palace of Dance, including the restoration of the iron gates and railings, as well as the restoration of the golden mascaron ornaments on the opera’s façade, using gold leaf.

Palais Garnier

Restoration of wrought-iron gates and fences

Wrought-iron gate and grille restoration is the process of repairing, renovating and restoring these metal elements to their original appearance or to suit a specific style. Wrought iron is a durable material that can last for many years, but it may require periodic restoration to preserve its appearance and functionality.

On arrival at the site, our team begins by carefully inspecting the gates and fences to assess their general condition. The aim here is to identify damaged areas, corrosion, rust, loose joints or any other problems. If grilles or gates have become detached from their original location, we carefully remove them, taking precautions to avoid further damage to the parts.

Once in the Crézé workshop, dirt, dust, rust and flaking paint are removed by carefully cleaning the wrought-iron surfaces. We use wire brushes, sandpaper or chemical strippers, depending on the condition of the surface. If rust is present, we use appropriate methods to remove it, such as brushing, sanding or the use of rust converters. Where necessary, our craftsmen repair damaged parts or loose joints. This may involve welding on broken wrought-iron parts or replacing severely damaged sections. Following this, an anti-corrosion coating is applied to protect the restored wrought iron from future rust damage. Paint, varnish or wax coatings are commonly used. Finally, if grilles or gates have been removed, our team carefully reinstalls them in their original location, using secure fixings.

Restoring wrought-iron gates and railings can bring these architectural elements back to life, while preserving their historic charm. It is advisable to call on qualified wrought-iron restoration professionals to ensure that the process is carried out properly and in compliance with safety standards.