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An international company

Crézé shows off its craftsmen’s know-how throughout the world. Our only barrier is the customer’s, architect’s and artist’s imagination. Our job is to enhance national or private architectural heritage, highlight a company or showcase an artist’s work.

Staircase banisters, metallic domes, works of art and other creations are made in our workshops in Rennes. Pre-assembly is ensured on our premises before installing our creations in their new environment abroad.

Just like for the French market, we work with brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel. For luxury products, our creations can be adorned with gemstones and lighting, thus showcasing our work and all the nuances of materials.

Discover our creations in Cairo, Moscow, Luxembourg and Japan. French expertise at the service of world architectural heritage.

Our achievments

International Exclusive metal design in London
French artisanal skills in Chelsea

These luxury apartments at Parker Tower, designed by studio Mickaëlis Boyd, required the different living areas to be elegantly and discretely divided. The dressing room and bathroom fit perfectly with the harmony of the space.

Efficient collaboration with Raison Home.

Parker Tower London-metalwork-1
Parker Tower London-metal glass-2

International Luxurious brass banister – Cairo
The banister extends into a pool of light

The project was elaborated by a Parisian architecture firm led by Stéphanie Coutas, and was carried out by our workshop.
The banister runs along a big stone staircase, as part of the main stairwell in a luxury villa in Cairo.
The poles are made of brass frames, in which quartz crystal stones are embedded, lit by LEDs.
Glass panels were fitted between each pole.
Those climbing the staircase will no doubt be in the limelight! The banister is also bathed in a profusion of light, enhancing the changing hues gleaming across the brass: traditional polishing, improved by entirely natural hammering techniques. We also installed this work in Cairo.

Rampe - Le Caire - Banister - Cairo
Rampe - Le Caire - Banister - Cairo

International Metallic dome – Moscow
In an Art Nouveau building in the heart of Moscow

This metallic dome towers above an “Art Nouveau” building located in the heart of Moscow. Our goal for this opulent-looking building was two-fold in erecting a dome to cover the turret: bringing light into the offices that look out onto the cupola, and maintaining the harmony of this former printing works, now restored.
For the main structure, we used steel profiles and required curved glass – We then sanded and metallised our work, and finally powder-coated it.
This project required us to pre-assemble the materials in our workshop, to ensure perfect installation. We then monitored the instalment, with help from local workers.

Dôme de Moscou - Dome in Moscow

International Dendrite – Monumental steel staircase
Monumental staircase, work of art by Michel de Broin

Made for the artist by Crézé.
9 tonnes of steel, size 7 m x 8 m, height 5.5 m.
European Institutions district in Kirchberg, Luxembourg – June 2016.


International Staircase combining wrought iron and marble – Japan

An artistic project with a French touch, including the manufacture of a staircase and stringers adorned with marble. This splendid staircase was further enriched with an iron-worked banister and railing. The steel plate spun lettering was gilded with gold leaf. Our creation won Crézé an appreciation certificate from the customer, for its skill and involvement in this sumptuous project.

Japon - Japan
Japon - Japan

Spreading know-how

For Crézé, the fact of working internationally enables us, first and foremost, to promote our know-how, and know-how in a more global sense. French craftsmanship is often associated with quality, tradition and authenticity. Working abroad allows us to reinforce this image and to promote French know-how internationally.

Secondly, working abroad gives us the opportunity to collaborate with local craftsmen and create unique products by combining different craft traditions. Above all, it’s a human adventure, exposing us to new cultures, languages and professional practices. It allows us to broaden our personal and professional horizons, enabling us to learn and grow as craftspeople. What’s more, we can acquire new skills and techniques by working in a different environment. Regulations may require us to adapt our crafts to suit local preferences.