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Our commitments


Crézé is QUALIBAT-certified, to fully meet the quality requirements put forward in terms of design, manufacture and installation for high-end projects.

This professional qualification shows recognition for our technical ability to complete projects and work in the specialised fields of architectural metalwork and ironwork. Its validity is however limited. When coming up to expiry, the company's technical, human and financial soundness are entirely re-assessed.

Crézé has the following Qualibat certificates:

  • Qualibat metalwork - Superior technicality - Qualibat 4413
  • Qualibat ironwork - Qualibat 4432
  • Qualibat art ironwork - Qualibat 4493 - Heritage and Historic Monuments qualification


Preserving our architectural heritage

Crézé is a company that proudly hoists the colours of its EPV label (French Living Heritage Company label), obtained in 2016. This high distinction from the French State makes the company an expert stakeholder in the restoration and embellishment of French and international architectural heritage.


In June 2016, several Breton companies including Crézé created the Breton Heritage Patronage Club.

The purpose of this Club is to financially contribute to restoring the region's heritage, while at the same time preserving jobs. Preserving local jobs also means perpetuating know-how that would no doubt disappear through lack of funding.

A passion for our trade, combined with a passion for Brittany make this club a fervent defender of our regional architectural heritage.


Mécènes du Patrimoine - Le club Bretagne