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Our organisation

Design, production and installation

Crézé is there for you every step of the way.

Design office

Our team will tackle the design and management of your project in the studious atmosphere of our design office. Whether you are an artist, designer, architect, decorator, individual owner or community in charge of architectural heritage, our team puts its technical and creative expertise to the service of your project with:

  • Hand-drawn sketches and drafts.
  • Diagnoses, preliminary studies and detailed quotations.
  • 2D designs using Autocad.
  • 3D designs using Solidworks.
  • Project management, construction work and project follow-up.

The design office encloses real treasures, with its documentary database and full technical history of any work carried out by the company.

The workshop

Thanks to our new workshop, our ironwork and architectural metalwork experts benefit from a place where they can express their know-how and breathe life into our customers' creations, in secure working conditions. As such, the thermal insulation, noise absorption and prominence of natural lighting were redesigned to offer conditions that were conducive to high-quality work.

The steel and architectural metalwork workshop - now fully renovated - has a two-tonne bridge crane set in a modular 800 m² space to allow for the creation of ambitious, large-sized works.

The Crézé workshop includes various dedicated fields that combine modernity and tradition:

  • A line dedicated to preparing materials, thus reducing handling risks.
  • A separate workshop for stainless steel, brass and bronze.
  • A traditional forge.
  • Separate areas marked out for finishes.

The Crézé workshop is home to a team of men who are both versatile and specialised in their own field - architectural metalwork, steel joinery, ironwork, stainless steel or brass, etc.


Regardless of the location - be it a house, château, park, cathedral, hotel, shop or historical site - our assembly team breathes life into your project when installing it in its final environment.

Our teams make every effort when working on a project:

  • Highly experienced architectural metalwork craftsmen dedicated to installation.
  • The craftsmen having created the works are also involved in their installation.
  • Seven fully-equipped worksite vehicles, one of which is fitted with a hydraulic crane.