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What is a spiral staircase?

A spiral staircase, also known as a spiral staircase, is a type of staircase characterized by its curved, spiral shape. Unlike straight staircases, spiral staircases are designed so that the treads wind around a central axis, creating a spiral structure. These staircases are often used in confined spaces where economy of space is paramount.

Spiral staircases offer a combination of aesthetics, functionality and space-saving, elegantly winding the treads into a spiral structure. They can add a distinctive touch to the interior of a home, commercial building or public space, while offering practical, compact vertical access.

Our achievments

Spiral staircases The “Passage des Dames” in Rennes
Modern helical staircase design

A beautiful example of a shaftless spiral staircase.
The stringer is attached within the structure built into the red wall. This stringer – which is as important and central as the mill’s pivot – remains invisible to highlight the staircase’s gentle arabesques.
The initial handrail and upper barrier are made of hammered round steel. A full patina effect creates different hues on the steps, stringer and banister – just like the 18th century house it lies in.

Le passage des Dames
Le passage des Dames

Spiral staircases Agrocampus
Spiral staircase made of steel and stamped iron

“Backup” staircase: we used a restrained area to insert a robust yet light staircase that would be both discrete and easily visible.
This spiral staircase is made of steel, the steps are made of stamped iron and were galvanised and painted.
The creation fits in perfectly with the 19th century building.


Spiral staircases Promenade au clair de lune
Wrought iron spiral staircase

This beautifully high seaside building has a wrought iron spiral staircase running through its entire core, from the basement to the upper floors.
At the top of the staircase, protected by railings, is a cast iron fish (perfect for the seaside), acting like a figurehead beneath the skylight that towers gracefully over the “Promenade au clair de lune” path.

Promenade au clair de lune
Promenade au clair de lune

What are the characteristics of a spiral staircase?

Spiral staircases have a curved shape that allows them to wrap around a central axis, forming a spiral. This gives the staircase a unique, elegant aesthetic.
Space-saving: Spiral staircases are prized for their ability to save space. Thanks to their compact shape, they take up less floor space than straight staircases, making them ideal for tight spaces.
Spiral staircases can have a central or helical structure. In central staircases, the treads are attached to a central column. On spiral staircases, the treads are connected to an external structure and supported by balusters.
Spiral staircases offer a variety of styling options to suit different decors and aesthetic preferences. Custom materials and finishes, decorative balusters and distinctive handrails can be incorporated to add a touch of elegance and personality to the staircase.
They are appreciated for their attractive aesthetic, space-saving and unique design. They are often used in houses, apartments, lofts, commercial spaces and public buildings where space is limited but vertical access is required.

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