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Custom wrought-iron balancing staircases

What is a balanced staircase?

A balanced staircase, also known as a “double-quarter turn staircase” or “L-shaped staircase”, is a type of staircase with two turning quarters connected by a platform or landing at mid-height.

Unlike a straight staircase, which ascends or descends in a straight line, a balanced staircase has two turning quarters. These quarters are sections of staircase that turn 90 degrees at each landing, creating a change of direction in the staircase. The turning quarters can be located at different heights, depending on the specific design of the staircase. In the middle of the staircase, between the two turning quarters, is a platform or landing. This horizontal area allows you to change direction safely and catch your breath when ascending or descending the staircase. The platform can be square or rectangular, depending on the staircase design. Due to the presence of two right-angled turning quarters connected by a platform, the staircase takes on an “L” shape when viewed from the side. This L-shaped configuration is what distinguishes the balanced staircase from other types, such as straight or spiral staircases.

As with all staircases, a balancing staircase is usually fitted with a handrail for safety reasons. The handrail can be fixed to the wall along the staircase, or integrated into the structure of the staircase itself to provide support when ascending or descending. Balanced staircases are often used in homes and buildings where space is available for a more comfortable ascent or descent than that offered by a straight staircase. They are also commonly used in architectural designs to create visually interesting transitions between levels of a building.

A balanced staircase is a type of staircase characterized by two rotating quarters connected by a platform at mid-height, thus forming an L-shaped configuration. This design offers both practical functionality and visually appealing aesthetics, making it a popular choice in many residential and commercial environments.

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Balanced staircases Boulevard de Sévigné in Rennes
Modern sheet metal staircase and flat iron railing

This huge staircase runs from the garden level to the first floor of the house, as a replacement for the former wooden staircase.
The steps and risers are all made of sheet metal. It was assembled using copper rivets.
It boasts a waxed rusted patina finish.
The railings and barrier are made of flat iron and are affixed to the stringer.

Escalier boulevard de Sévigné
Escalier boulevard de Sévigné

What are the characteristics of a balanced staircase?

One of the distinguishing features of the balanced staircase is the absence of visible support on the opposite side of the staircase. This gives the impression that the steps are floating or swaying in the air. This unique design creates a bold, modern aesthetic.
The balanced staircase is designed so that its load-bearing structure is concealed within the adjacent wall, floor or ceiling. This can be achieved using metal beams, tensioned cables or other structural support techniques.
Because of its floating appearance, the sweeping staircase gives an impression of lightness and airiness to the surrounding space. It can help create a feeling of openness and maximize natural light in the room.
Balanced staircases offer great flexibility in terms of design, and can be adapted to suit the preferences and constraints of the space. They can be designed in a variety of shapes, materials and finishes to match the style of the environment.
Because of its unique appearance, a sweeping staircase can create an impressive visual effect in a space. It attracts attention and can serve as an architectural centerpiece or focal point in a home, office or commercial building.
The design and installation of a balanced staircase requires engineering and construction expertise. Precise calculations must be made to ensure the staircase’s stability, safety and durability, as well as to meet construction standards. Call on the Crézé team to design and install an interior balancing staircase. We can create a design to suit your needs, ensure compliance with safety standards and carry out a quality installation.

Balanced staircases can be used in many different types of building, from houses and apartments to hotels and historic buildings. They offer an interesting alternative to traditional straight staircases, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

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