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Crézé company

The company was first set up at the end of the 19th century, in Rue de la Monnaie in Rennes. This city-centre forge, owned by the Quinton family, already used to make banisters, canopies and conservatories. When electricity and mechanisation appeared, the forge moved to Rue Penhouet - where it remained until the end of the 20th century.

The company is now located in Saint-Jacques de la Lande, in a workshop fully renovated in 2016, that combines the tradition of ancient craftsmanship with working conditions and an environment likely to attract the very best talents in the field.

Our shared ambition

  • Fostering exceptional artisanal know-how in the field of artistic metalwork, with challenging and unique projects that make us all progress a little more every day.
  • Showcasing this know-how through the completion of remarkable and long-lasting works in Brittany, France and abroad.
  • Transmitting this know-how through training and teaching, and most importantly by ensuring the company lives on until the next generation can transmit its knowledge, so history can carry on its course.

The artisanal values we encourage

  • High standards: for yourself and others; always wanting to learn and do better every day; respecting other people, the company and the environment.
  • Solidarity: team spirit and good cohesion in the face of both success and defeat. We are always smarter as a group that alone.
  • Freedom: to progress, a clear framework needs to be established, but we also require the freedom to act within that framework - we need to be able to make suggestions, take initiatives and implement sensible actions.

In the following sections, you can discover how we follow our ambition and uphold our values at the service of our customers and built heritage.