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Metal and wooden staircases

Les escaliers métal et bois combinent les caractéristiques distinctes de ces deux matériaux pour créer des designs uniques.

La combinaison de métal et de bois offre une flexibilité de design, vous permettant de créer des escaliers uniques avec des combinaisons de matériaux, de formes et de styles. Vous pouvez opter pour des structures métalliques avec des marches en bois, des garde-corps en métal avec des poteaux en bois, ou d’autres combinaisons selon vos goûts et vos besoins.

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Metal & wood staircases Les Guérandes
Elegant wooden and metal staircase with black waxed patina

This staircase has a stringer on one side. Three corner pieces were placed to support the three components that make up each step.
Its shapes are refined and robust yet simple, fitting in beautifully with the lovely old building. Our gaze is drawn to the feature that highlights all the variations in light, making the black waxed patina gleam. This finish was chosen to underline the project’s originality.

Les Guérandes
Les Guérandes

Metal & wood staircases Chavagne
Bespoke metal staircase and banister

Staircase with a pothook stringer. The second stringer is encased in the wall.
This staircase’s distinctive feature is that no two steps are alike. Indeed, we were required to adapt to certain technical constraints on-site: on the floor we had to begin the staircase according to the heater, then a horizontal beam threatened to compromise the way up.
The protective banister and changes in rhythm – initially imposed by the actual structure of the staircase – were voluntarily referred to again by the use of plates. Their positioning, that could first be thought of as chaotic, gives the feature its aesthetic touch.


Features of metal and wooden staircases

Metal and wood staircases offer an attractive aesthetic by combining the warmth and natural charm of wood with the solidity and elegance of metal. The combination of these materials creates interesting visual contrasts and can adapt to different decoration styles.
Also, metal and wood stairs benefit from the robustness and resistance of metal as well as the solidity of wood. The metal frame provides stability and structural strength, while the wooden steps add additional strength.
This type of staircase allows for a wide variety of designs and personalized finishes. You can choose different types of wood, such as oak, beech or ash, with different stains and finishes. Additionally, metal can be worked into various shapes and finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences.
Metal and wood stairs may require specific maintenance to preserve their appearance and durability. Wood may require regular varnishing or treatment to protect it from moisture, pests and wear. Metal can be cleaned with soap and water, and it is important to watch for rust or corrosion.

Different styles of metal & wood staircases

Traditional staircase with metal railing

A traditional staircase with a metal banister is a classic design that combines the timeless charm of traditional staircases with the sturdiness and modern aesthetic of a metal banister. This type of staircase is commonly used in old houses, historic buildings and classical style residences.

The metal railing is often made of wrought iron or steel. Wrought iron offers the ability to create intricate decorative patterns and ornaments, while steel is more suited to a clean, modern look. The balusters, which are the vertical uprights of the railing, can be made of metal to match the railing. The railing posts can be more elaborate with decorative wrought iron designs, or simpler and straight for a clean aesthetic. The metal railing can be finished with a classic black color for a traditional look, or it can be painted in a custom shade to match the style of the interior.

A traditional staircase with a metal banister can include decorative details such as scrollwork, floral or geometric patterns on the metal elements to add a touch of elegance and refinement. Traditional staircases with a metal banister are loved for their combination of timeless and modern elements, making them a popular choice for many classic and contemporary interiors.

Sleek staircase with floating steps

A streamlined staircase with floating treads is a sleek, modern design choice that creates the illusion of steps that appear to float in air, with no visible support. This type of staircase is often used in contemporary interiors for its light and minimalist appearance.

Floating steps are designed to appear as if they are supported by air, without traditional vertical stringers. Instead, they are attached to the wall structure or a hidden beam for a clean appearance. Floating steps are generally made from light and strong materials such as steel, in particular to create the floating effect. To complement this streamlined look, stairs with floating treads are often equipped with minimalist guardrails, such as tensioned cables or metal bars, to provide safety without obstructing the view.

The streamlined staircase with floating treads is designed to be simple and elegant, showcasing the contemporary design of the staircase without unnecessary clutter. These staircases offer a modern and sophisticated look while bringing a touch of innovation and creativity to the space.

Contemporary style staircase with play of materials

A contemporary style staircase with play on materials is a modern and creative design that mixes different textures, colors and materials to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing staircase. This type of staircase is often used to bring a touch of originality and sophistication to a contemporary interior. The stringers, which are the vertical elements that support the steps, can be made of metal for a contemporary and industrial look. Steel is regularly used for its durability and modern aesthetic.

A contemporary staircase can be designed with original geometric shapes, such as L-shaped steps, inclined stringers or railings with geometric patterns, to add a touch of dynamism and modernity. The contemporary style staircase with play on materials offers many possibilities for creativity and allows you to express the personality and style of your interior space.

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