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Interior and exterior metal stairs

Metal stairs add a contemporary and elegant touch to the interior of your home. Their sleek design and clean lines fit perfectly into modern, minimalist spaces, as well as industrial interiors.
Metal stairs can be customized to your preferences and style. You can choose from a range of finishes, such as painting, powder coating, oxidizing or varnishing, to create your desired look. Additionally, you can add decorative elements, such as wrought metal balusters or architectural details, to add a unique touch to your staircase.

Our achievments

Metal staircases The Couvent des Jacobins
101 metal steps for a unique staircase design

The stringers and steps were cut out according to the drawings provided by Michel de Broin.
Due to its size and difficult access, we were required to create this piece directly on-site. It weighs a total of eight tonnes, and is made of one hundred and one different steps.
The staircase can be disassembled if it needs to be moved to another place, so the patron is free to showcase it on various production sites.
It must be said that the technical difficulties linked to this work fuelled our motivation, but that was not our only catalyst… Our world needs artists whose vision always goes slightly beyond the object in question. Indeed, thanks to extremely fruitful exchanges, this collaboration helped us discover the extent to which technique affects the artistic world and vice versa – with symbolism worming its way into our creations.
Artists are those who prevent us from thinking too straight in our society, and our contribution as economic stakeholders consists in helping them express their form of art. A world without artists would reduce us to conformism and uniformity. That is why we like the idea of favouring emerging talents: at the end of this project, we decided to patron the Ateliers de Rennes.

Le couvent des Jacobins

Metal staircases The “Passage des Dames” in Rennes
Modern helical staircase design

A beautiful example of a shaftless spiral staircase.
The stringer is attached within the structure built into the red wall. This stringer – which is as important and central as the mill’s pivot – remains invisible to highlight the staircase’s gentle arabesques.
The initial handrail and upper barrier are made of hammered round steel. A full patina effect creates different hues on the steps, stringer and banister – just like the 18th century house it lies in.

Le passage des Dames
Le passage des Dames

Metal staircases Boulevard de Sévigné in Rennes
Modern sheet metal staircase and flat iron railing

This huge staircase runs from the garden level to the first floor of the house, as a replacement for the former wooden staircase.
The steps and risers are all made of sheet metal. It was assembled using copper rivets.
It boasts a waxed rusted patina finish.
The railings and barrier are made of flat iron and are affixed to the stringer.

Escalier boulevard de Sévigné
Escalier boulevard de Sévigné

Metal staircases Le Ginguené in Rennes
Bespoke iron straight staircase

This piece of work is a straight staircase that provides direct access to the mezzanine level.
The steps are made of folded sheet metal.
The stringers are “I”-shaped for a thinner-looking structure, making the whole work more aesthetic.
The railing has double poles that give a touch of originality to this work, thanks to the distinguished assembly with the barrier.
The round steel barrier runs through a sheath fitted in the centre of the double pole.

Le Ginguené à Rennes
Le Ginguené à Rennes

Metal staircases Agrocampus
Spiral staircase made of steel and stamped iron

“Backup” staircase: we used a restrained area to insert a robust yet light staircase that would be both discrete and easily visible.
This spiral staircase is made of steel, the steps are made of stamped iron and were galvanised and painted.
The creation fits in perfectly with the 19th century building.


Metal staircases Bois Joly
Contemporary metal and wood staircase

Contemporary metallic staircase encased in traditional character-filled architecture, created in collaboration with the architect Mr J Marc Jehan.
The step supports – welded onto the stringers – are positioned to welcome the steps laid by the carpenter. The steps are wooden and have no risers.
On each side of the staircase, a railing made up of a cranked flat iron intermediate rail brings a graphic and light touch to the feature.
The whole feature is painted – just like the 18th century house it is fitted in.

Bois Joly
Bois Joly

Metal staircases Promenade au clair de lune
Wrought iron spiral staircase

This beautifully high seaside building has a wrought iron spiral staircase running through its entire core, from the basement to the upper floors.
At the top of the staircase, protected by railings, is a cast iron fish (perfect for the seaside), acting like a figurehead beneath the skylight that towers gracefully over the “Promenade au clair de lune” path.

Promenade au clair de lune
Promenade au clair de lune

Metal staircases Carré Richaud – Former military hospital in Versailles
Wrought iron restoration and creation project

A combined restoration and creation project, aiming to transform this exceptional place into luxury apartments. As such, the iron-worked banisters were brought up to standard and restored. All of the railings also required a certain amount of restoration work. Regarding the creative part of the project, the building was enriched with a new circular glass structure.

Carré Richaud
Carré Richaud

Metal staircases Luxurious brass banister – Cairo
The banister extends into a pool of light

The project was elaborated by a Parisian architecture firm led by Stéphanie Coutas, and was carried out by our workshop.
The banister runs along a big stone staircase, as part of the main stairwell in a luxury villa in Cairo.
The poles are made of brass frames, in which quartz crystal stones are embedded, lit by LEDs.
Glass panels were fitted between each pole.
Those climbing the staircase will no doubt be in the limelight! The banister is also bathed in a profusion of light, enhancing the changing hues gleaming across the brass: traditional polishing, improved by entirely natural hammering techniques. We also installed this work in Cairo.

Rampe - Le Caire - Banister - Cairo
Rampe - Le Caire - Banister - Cairo

Metal staircases Dendrite – Monumental steel staircase
Monumental staircase, work of art by Michel de Broin

Made for the artist by Crézé.
9 tonnes of steel, size 7 m x 8 m, height 5.5 m.
European Institutions district in Kirchberg, Luxembourg – June 2016.


Types of metal stairs

Interior metal stairs

Interior metal stairs have become increasingly popular due to their modern appearance, durability and versatility.

Convenient Installation: Installation of metal stairs is generally quicker and more convenient than that of wood or masonry stairs. Since the metal can be prefabricated, the staircase can be assembled on site, reducing installation time and disruption to your home. In Crézé, we can respond to your requests to design a metal staircase that matches your interior.
Next, metal stairs are relatively easy to maintain. They usually only require regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt.

Exterior metal stairs

Exterior metal stairs are popular options for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, gardens and entryways.
Metal stairs are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are resistant to corrosion, rust, and weather damage, making them a durable choice for outdoor environments.
Exterior metal stairs are strong and durable, capable of withstanding external loads and stresses. They are often made of galvanized steel or aluminum, offering great strength and a long lifespan.

Installation and maintenance of metal stairs

The installation and maintenance of metal stairs requires specific skills and attention to ensure their durability and safety.

Our teams at Crézé plan and design the desired metal staircase in order to meet the dimensions and specific requirements of the space.
The space where the metal staircase will be installed must be prepared accordingly. This involves ensuring that the walls, floors and ceilings are stable and suitable to support the metal staircase.

Our craftsmen ensure careful and precise installation of the metal structure of the staircase.
Our know-how allows us to create completely secure metal staircases that perfectly match the structure of the staircase.

We also advise you on the maintenance of the metal staircase that we have just installed for you.
Metal stairs should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, dirt and stains. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild cleanser or soapy water to clean metal surfaces. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the metal.
Perform a visual inspection of the staircase regularly for possible problems such as loose joints, damaged treads or signs of corrosion. If you notice any problems, call in professionals for the necessary repairs.
In response to your design wishes, the metal staircase may be finished with a paint, varnish or protective coating, it may require regular maintenance to maintain its appearance and durability. We will be at your disposal to advise you on the procedure to follow to maintain your metal staircase.

By following these installation and maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your metal staircase and keep it safe and functioning properly over time.