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Wrought iron stair railing

A wrought iron stair banister is a handrail made from iron worked by hand to create decorative patterns and ornaments.

First of all, wrought iron brings a touch of elegance and charm to a stair railing. Its handcrafted look and delicate patterns make it a popular choice for people looking for an aesthetically pleasing design. Wrought iron can be shaped into different shapes, curves and artistic designs to suit different decor styles.

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Stair railings Le Vergier
Patinated wrought iron railing

The iron-worked banister has an “Art Nouveau” style to it.
Its drawings were done by the company, and it was completed in accordance with standard practices and in line with the customer’s recommendations.
The banister curves as it goes up its three floors. The entire banister, assembled using screws and rivets, complies with traditional iron-working techniques.
The waxed black patina finish makes the work look falsely tainted by time – just like the 18th century house it lies in.

Le Vergier
Le Vergier

Stair railings Railing in Normandy
Railing restoration in a manor

This railing, designed for the outside steps leading up to the manor’s tower, was created with the building’s Normandy spirit in mind. This creation encompasses curved banisters and railings, made especially for cut-stone steps leading up to the house. All assemblies were done using tailor-made rivets.

Garde-corps Normandie - Railing in Normandy

Stair railings Hôtel de Castres banister

Restoration work concerning the banister and its leaves. All gilding was done with gold leaf.

Rampe Hôtel de Castres - Hôtel de Castres banister
Rampe Hôtel de Castres - Hôtel de Castres banister

Why choose wrought iron for a stair railing?

Wrought iron is often chosen for a stair railing because of several advantages it offers.

Wrought iron is a sturdy and durable material. It is able to withstand daily wear and light impacts. A well-maintained wrought iron stair railing can last for many years without losing its strength or beauty. It can also withstand bad weather if properly treated against rust and protected from moisture. Then, wrought iron is a very flexible and malleable material. It can be worked into custom designs to accommodate stairs of different shapes and sizes. Whether you have a straight staircase, a spiral staircase or a curved staircase, wrought iron can be adapted to create a custom railing.

An important aspect of wrought iron is that it offers a wide variety of styles and patterns to suit all tastes and decorating styles. From delicate floral designs to more modern geometric patterns, there are a multitude of possibilities to personalize a wrought iron stair railing and make it unique.
Although wrought iron may require regular maintenance to prevent rust, it is generally easier to maintain than other materials such as wood. By applying a protective coating and cleaning the wrought iron stair rail regularly, you can maintain its beauty and durability.
It should be noted that the choice of stair railing material will also depend on your personal preferences, the style of your home and your budget. Crézé offers you advice specific to your situation and to design a wrought iron stair railing that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

What is our manufacturing process for a wrought iron stair railing?

At Crézé, the process begins with the design of the wrought iron stair railing. This involves working closely with you to understand your needs, aesthetic preferences and space constraints. Drawings and sketches are made to visualize the final design of the ramp.
Once the design is finalized, the materials needed to make the stair railing are selected. This includes choosing the appropriate wrought iron, bars, rails and other decorative elements if necessary.

The wrought iron is prepared in our workshop by cutting and shaping the bars according to the required dimensions. This may require the use of specialist tools such as saws, shears and welders.
Forging is the step where wrought iron is heated and shaped using a hammer and an anvil. This helps create the desired curves, scrolls and patterns for the stair railing. Forging requires great skill and expertise to achieve the precise shapes and details. We use all our knowledge to create a wrought iron stair railing that meets your expectations.

To follow this up, the different parts of the stair railing are assembled. This involves attaching the bars, rails and decorative elements to the vertical posts of the railing. Solder can be used to ensure a strong, durable connection between parts.
Once the assembly is completed, the wrought iron stair railing goes through the finishing stage. This may include grinding welds, polishing surfaces, applying a protective rust coating, and painting or refinishing according to customer preference.
Finally, the wrought iron stair railing is installed, by our craftsmen, on the staircase in accordance with the customer’s specifications and current safety standards.

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