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Wrought iron landing railing

What is a landing railing?

A landing railing is a safety barrier installed along the landings or open platforms of a staircase, balcony or mezzanine. Its main role is to prevent accidental falls by preventing people from going over the edge of the elevated structure. Landing guardrails are designed to provide support and protection, ensuring the safety of people using stairs or near raised areas.

Landing railings can be made from different materials such as wrought iron. Wrought iron landing railings are particularly appreciated for their aesthetic appearance, their strength and their durability.
In addition to their safety functionality, landing guardrails can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. They can be adorned with artistic designs, wrought iron designs, decorative details and custom finishes to add character and elegance to the staircase or balcony.

Our achievments

Landing railings Boulevard de Sévigné in Rennes
Modern sheet metal staircase and flat iron railing

This huge staircase runs from the garden level to the first floor of the house, as a replacement for the former wooden staircase.
The steps and risers are all made of sheet metal. It was assembled using copper rivets.
It boasts a waxed rusted patina finish.
The railings and barrier are made of flat iron and are affixed to the stringer.

Escalier boulevard de Sévigné
Escalier boulevard de Sévigné

Landing railings Le Ginguené in Rennes
Bespoke iron straight staircase

This piece of work is a straight staircase that provides direct access to the mezzanine level.
The steps are made of folded sheet metal.
The stringers are “I”-shaped for a thinner-looking structure, making the whole work more aesthetic.
The railing has double poles that give a touch of originality to this work, thanks to the distinguished assembly with the barrier.
The round steel barrier runs through a sheath fitted in the centre of the double pole.

Le Ginguené à Rennes
Le Ginguené à Rennes

Landing railings Montgermont
Wooden stairs and sheet metal railings

The railings are made of oxy-fuel cut sheet metal, reminding us of the trees, in complete harmony with the modern design of the house and its bucolic environment.
These railings encircle a wooden staircase with a metallic structure (hidden in the walls). This technical touch is invisible to the naked eye but confirms the structure’s solidity as well as our trade’s functionality: making beautiful things, of course, but not only: every little screw or lining contributes to the work as a whole and ensures its safety.


What are the characteristics of a landing railing?

The features of a landing railing can vary depending on the material used, design style and the specific needs of the space.

Regarding safety, landing guardrails must be of sufficient height to ensure the safety of occupants. Building standards may vary depending on local regulations, but generally the minimum recommended height is approximately 90 centimeters to 1 meter.
A landing guardrail generally consists of vertical uprights (posts) and one or more horizontal bars (smooth). The structure must be strong and stable to withstand pressure and prevent falls.
The spacing between horizontal bars or guardrail panels is also regulated to prevent the passage of a child or pet. Standards generally recommend a spacing of less than 10 centimeters.
Landing railings can be customized with decorative finishes and details to match the style of the surrounding space. This can include wrought iron designs, ornaments, elegant curves, carved balusters, etc.
Landing guardrails must be strong enough to withstand loads and stresses. The material used should be chosen based on its structural strength and durability to ensure reliable long-term protection.
It is essential that landing guardrails meet the safety standards in force in your region. This may include specific requirements for height, spacing, strength and other aspects of guardrail design and installation. Call on Crézé in the design and installation of landing guardrails to guarantee compliance with safety standards, their durability and optimal functionality.

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