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Wrought iron gates

What is a wrought-iron gate?

A wrought-iron grille is a metal structure made from wrought-iron bars or rods that are heated, bent and shaped by hand to create a specific pattern or design. These grilles are often used for decorative and functional purposes in architecture and building design. Here are a few characteristics of a wrought-iron grille:

A wrought-iron grille is a decorative metal structure made from wrought iron that can be used to add an artistic and functional touch to a building’s architecture. It is appreciated for its handcrafted beauty, durability and link to historical traditions.

Our achievments

Wrought iron gates Forged iron grills – Rennes Cathedral
The treasures of the famous cathedral

The works to restore the St Pierre Cathedral in Rennes, which started in 2009, were recently completed with the installation of the ‘Quatre Vivants’ statues in the four pendants under the dome, and the restoration of the alterpiece (originally from Antwerp) and other treasures on display. As part of these works, Crézé created grills from forged iron at its ironworks workshop, to protect the altarpiece. The traditional style work achieved its aim: the forged grills seem like they have always been there.

Grilles en fer forgé-Trésor Cathédrale de Rennes

Wrought iron gates The Mont-Saint-Michel
Restoration of pure iron railings

The Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the most visited monuments in France, was also restored. How to ensure the new railings would look like they had lived through 200 years of history? To give them an old-fashioned texture, all substances were skilfully forged and hammered. These pure-iron railings were adorned with traditional riveted fixtures and are resistant to sea spray and the salty sea air from the coast.

Le Mont Saint-Michel
Le Mont Saint-Michel

Wrought iron gates Carré Richaud – Former military hospital in Versailles
Wrought iron restoration and creation project

A combined restoration and creation project, aiming to transform this exceptional place into luxury apartments. As such, the iron-worked banisters were brought up to standard and restored. All of the railings also required a certain amount of restoration work. Regarding the creative part of the project, the building was enriched with a new circular glass structure.

Carré Richaud
Carré Richaud

Wrought iron gates Château de la Bourbansais
Railing and front gate restoration

Our purpose here was to restore the railings and front gate to the château and animal park by adding cast iron patterns. This required us to manufacture new gates, that were painted according to the family’s colour scheme: red and white.

Château de la Bourbansais

Wrought iron gates Solidor Tower grating in Saint-Servan

This project was fulfilled in the service of Breton architectural heritage: we designed a metal grate fitted with side support bars serving as keys for affixing the grate into its casing.

Grille Tour Solidor Saint-Servan - Solidor Tower grating Saint-Servan

Wrought iron gates Palais Garnier
Ironwork on gates and railings

Restoration work for the Palace of Dance, including the restoration of the iron gates and railings, as well as the restoration of the golden mascaron ornaments on the opera’s façade, using gold leaf.

Palais Garnier

The different features of our wrought-iron gates

Wrought iron is an iron material with a low carbon content that is heated to high temperatures, then shaped by hand using hammers and anvils. This forging technique gives the metal its strength and malleability. Wrought iron is a durable material that resists weathering and corrosion, making it a popular choice for outdoor use.Although wrought iron is durable, it does require some maintenance to prevent rust. This may include the application of protective coatings or regular painting.

Wrought-iron grilles are often used to create intricate decorative designs, such as floral, geometric, abstract or historical motifs. They can be highly detailed and artistic. Wrought-iron grilles are commonly used as decorative elements on doors, windows, balconies, verandas, fences, gates, banisters and other parts of a building. Wrought-iron railings can be custom-made to meet specific project requirements. This allows customization in terms of size, shape, style and pattern.

Wrought iron is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to create decorative and functional architectural elements. It is often associated with traditional and historic architectural styles.