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Metal winter garden glass roofs

What is a winter garden canopy?

A conservatory glass roof is a glazed structure generally built as an extension of a home or as an independent room in a garden. It is designed to create an interior space bathed in natural light, offering views of the garden whilst providing protection from the elements. Conservatory canopies are often used as spaces for relaxation, leisure or growing plants that are sensitive to external weather conditions.

Our achievments

Winter garden canopies Glass wall restoration – Indret
Returning the ‘La Navale’ glass wall to its former splendour

This magnificent glass wall on the back wall of a castle on the south bank of the Loire was probably constructed by workers from neighbouring naval sites at the start of the 20th Century. The Crézé team worked here for several weeks, returning it to its former glory.

Restauration verrière Indret-1
Restauration verrière Indret-2

What are the characteristics of a winter garden glass roof?

Conservatory canopies are typically constructed using metal structures (such as steel) to support the glass panels.

The roof of a conservatory canopy can have a sloped or dome shape to allow rainwater to run off and maximize light entry. The walls of the canopy are mainly made of glass panels to maximize natural light. Some skylights may have windows or glass doors for easier access.

For year-round use, it is important to ensure adequate insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, especially during cold seasons. To reduce the effect of high heat in summer, many conservatory canopies are equipped with ventilation systems such as windows or roof openings that can be opened and closed as required.

Conservatory canopies can serve many purposes, from simple relaxation to growing exotic plants or even providing a dining area.