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Traditional metal canopies

What is a traditional canopy?

A traditional canopy, also known as an awning or carport, is an architectural structure usually made of metal or wood, attached above a main entrance, window or exterior door of a building. a building.

The main function of a traditional canopy is to protect people and adjacent areas from bad weather, such as rain, snow or sun, while adding a traditional aesthetic touch to the building facade.

Our achievments

Traditional canopies House in Rennes (2)
A classic and elegant iron canopy

Stylish canopy adorning the entrance to a private property, giving it a certain elegance that fits in perfectly with the house’s sobriety.
The drawings were elaborated in close collaboration with the customer.
The light pouring into the centre of the canopy give the ironwork its shine.

Maison à rennes - House in Rennes

The different characteristics of our traditional metal canopies

The traditional canopies made in the Crézé workshop are made from forged metal. Traditional canopies generally feature a classic, timeless design. They can have curved lines, carved details and decorative ornaments.

From a utilitarian point of view, the majority of traditional canopies have a sloping roof to allow rainwater and snow to drain away. The slope of the roof can vary depending on the architectural style of the house. Traditional canopies are designed to provide protection from rain, snow or sun, allowing people to remain sheltered when entering or leaving the home. Some traditional canopies have an overhang at the front to create additional space to protect from the elements.

Concerning the appearance of our traditional canopies. They generally follow classic designs, however they can also be customized based on the owner’s preferences and the architectural style of the building.

Traditional canopies can be installed over front doors, windows, patios, verandas or other exterior areas to provide protection from the elements. In addition to their practical function, traditional canopies often add an aesthetic dimension to the facade of the building, enhancing its charm and character. Traditional canopies can be added to existing buildings to improve their appearance and functionality.