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25 January 2024

The metalworker’s trade

Exceptional craftsmanship in metalwork

The metalworker, formerly known as the locksmith, is the man who transforms metal, in form or profile, into finished structures for the building industry.

Using mild steel, the metalworker manufactures most of the metal elements of a building: doors, railings, balconies, frames, storefronts, staircases, etc.
He also works for industry, making structures such as walkways and railings, as well as frameworks and floors. Metalworkers work with noble materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper and pure iron. These are used for decorative purposes, such as store fronts and fixtures, home decoration and fittings.

Structural metalwork, a specialization of the trade, is used for major construction projects such as long-span frameworks, building frames, bridges, pylons and floors.

The metalworker sees a finished structure emerge from his hands, knowing its function and purpose, and sometimes having designed it himself. With a sense of initiative and organization, it’s a complete profession with a solid foundation.

Metalwork, which requires artistic qualities, demands great skill, taste and knowledge of styles. It enables the metalworker to transform everyday metalwork, such as railings, balconies and gates, into veritable works of art.