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08 July 2022

The dance of the cosmos , bas-relief by the sculptor Hélène Vans

"The Dance of the Cosmos", a 3m x 1m bas-relief in stainless steel, a private commission, is located on the façade of the house-workshop of the Polish architect Marcel Zielinski, built in 1925, 17 square Montsouris in Paris. The geometric work is based on the circle and its rotation.

This bas-relief is a permanent light collector on the north façade, through a subtle play of inclination of the folds and the choice of angles and through the choice of materials: mirror polished stainless steel for the circles and Ti Rose Gold tinted stainless steel for the support.

This stealthy work of art plays with the place by deploying its surfaces at an angle and in profile, and at all times reflects fragments of the surrounding spaces. It captures the directions of the space where it is located. It thus provokes a visual emotion through the freedom of the point of view, and an experience of movement in the work by the walker. This deployment of the work in sequences gives it a kinetic character. The work, by constantly changing through reflection, takes on the impermanent character of a snapshot.

Realization : Crézé

The sculptor Hélène Vans received the Nominated Prior Prize within the team made up of the private project owner, the project manager Pierre Gommier, heritage architect and the companies Crézé and Louis Geneste, for the creation of the bas-relief sculpture “The Dance of the Cosmos” in mirror-polished stainless steel and Ti Rose Gold tinted stainless steel at the International Cultural Heritage Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre by the association “Le Geste d’Or” on 27 October 2019.