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15 November 2023

Restoration of the Gobinière greenhouse in Orvault

After several months of painstaking work at the Crézé workshop, the greenhouse at Orvault's Gobinière has finally been restored to its original glory.

Crézé’s expertise in greenhouse restoration

The Parc de la Gobinière in Orvault (44) is the hub of the town’s cultural activity. A popular green space offering many outdoor activities, the park is appreciated by local residents for its natural beauty and peaceful ambience. A notable feature of the park is its 19th-century château, which is surrounded by a large landscaped park. Château de la Gobinière is a magnificent neo-Gothic building and is often used for cultural and social events in the region.

Why renovate a greenhouse?

Au sein du Parc de la Gobinière, la serre est une structure en verre et en acier, utilisée pour la culture de plantes exotiques et d’espèces tropicales. Elle abrite une grande variété de plantes rares et exotiques, notamment des palmiers, des orchidées, des fougères et d’autres plantes tropicales. Elle est fréquemment utilisée à des fins éducatives, de recherche et de préservation de la biodiversité.

Notre travail sur la serre de la Gobinière 

The 19th-century greenhouse, part of the château’s outbuildings, had been badly damaged by the passage of time and was in danger of being lost. Following a technical diagnosis and the qualification of repair procedures and structural reinforcements specific to the structure, the Crézé team dismantled it completely and restored all its components, before reassembling it in keeping with its original construction.

The inauguration by the municipality of Orvault took place on January 24, 2017.