05 July 2024


The greenhouse at Château de Locguénolé restored with Crézé know-how

Château de Locguénolé, located in Kervignac, Brittany, is a prestigious establishment that has been a member of the Relais & Châteaux association since 1970, a membership that marked the beginning of its international recognition as a luxury hotel.

The estate, dating back to the early 1700s, has remained in the de la Sablière family since its foundation. The château is set in 120 hectares of parkland designed by landscape architect André de Versailles, and boasts a two-kilometer private seafront.

Château de Locguénolé has a rich and fascinating history, closely linked to the de la Sablière family who have owned it since it was founded in the early 18th century.

The name “Locguénolé” comes from a local legend according to which Saint Guénolé, to escape the Devil, leapt across an arm of the sea to take refuge on this land.

Crézé’s mission: restoration of the estate’s entrance gate and greenhouse

Château de Locguénolé

The gate and gates on either side between the stone pilasters were restored and positioned in their new location at the entrance to the estate. The gate itself has been enlarged on each side with new elements, and the wicket has been scrapped.

Château de Locguénolé

The entire gate was treated with metallization and a satin-finish RAL 6008 polyurethane paint.

The spikes were painted in a gold color, reference: lacquer 6715 / Gold Sociétaire nuancier métal from comptoir auto paris.

Château de Locguénolé

After we had checked that the structure of the wrought-iron garden greenhouse, which had already been metallized, was sound, DE JOIE was able to proceed with painting the irons. Our partner Miroiterie 35 then installed the glazing using linseed oil putty.

The glazing is 4mm thick, with a slate finish on the rounded parts.

The Joie company was able to paint the putty before the 6-week deadline imposed by the putty’s technical data sheet.

Finally, we installed shade screens. These are made of heat-treated pine slats, section 24x7mm. This greenhouse is a new benchmark in our experience of restoring metal and glass canopies.

Château de Locguénolé

Another Crézé contribution to the restoration of historic monuments in Brittany. With pride and commitment, our company continues to play an essential role in the preservation of Brittany’s rich heritage. Every day, we apply our expertise and passion to protect and enhance the cultural and historical treasures of our beautiful Brittany.