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08 July 2022

Design Miami/Basel 2022

Crézé at the Design Miami/Basel exhibition with the Association Libre Artbitre and Galerie MICA.

What is Design Miami/Basel?

Alongside Art Basel, the world’s largest contemporary art fair, Design Miami/Basel has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design. Design Miami/Basel is an international design fair held annually in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the most important events in the design world, attracting designers, galleries, collectors and design enthusiasts from all over the world.
Design Miami/Basel showcases some of the most innovative and influential work in contemporary design, and offers designers a platform to present their latest creations, exchange ideas and network with other members of the design community.

The show features a wide range of exhibitions, including solo shows, group shows and installations, and covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines, from furniture and product design to architecture and fashion. The show also features a series of events and lectures, including talks by leading designers and architects, as well as debates and book signings.

In addition to showcasing the latest in design, Design Miami/Basel is also a hub of commerce, with galleries and dealers offering pieces for sale to collectors and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a design industry professional or just a design enthusiast, Design Miami/Basel is an unmissable event that offers a unique and exciting insight into the world of contemporary design.

The sixteenth edition of Design Miami/Basel took place from June 14 to 19 at Basel’s Messeplatz. The event featured a rich international program of exceptional historical and contemporary works from over 50 exhibitors.

Our creations at Design Miami/Basel

This installation of collaborative works between artists and craftsmen featured creations by Matali Crasset, Fabrice Hyber and Pierre Charrié, created in collaboration with Crézé.

Triple Balance by Fabrice Hyber

« With Triple Balance, you have a third option, and it’s up to you to find the right balance.» Fabrice Hyber

An aluminum prototype, steel, spirit level was acquired by the Centre Pompidou, France.

Triple Balance

Triple Balance by Fabrice Hyber

Sonogonos by Pierre Charrié

A palindrome that lulls the reader to sleep, Sonogonos oscillates in name and form between wakefulness and sleep. Craft and design infuse materials to magnify human time. To the rhythm of calming breathing, the random sound of chimes marks and accompanies the slide into contemplation. Sonogonos is the fruit and praise of time: a deeply human and universal object.

Sonogonos by Pierre Charrié

Sonogonos by Pierre Charrié

Renard Roux (Vulpes Vulpes) by Matali Crasset

This project offers an alternative to stuffed animals. To achieve this, we use the special technique of needle painting, which enables us to embroider realistically and poetically. After a first project, the scary owl, the fox takes shape. Like anti-trophies that take their place on walls, these objects pay homage to animals present in our culture through storytelling. Animal presences to magnify the animal world and show our attachment to its diversity.

Renard roux (Vulpes Vulpes)

Renard Roux (Vulpes Vulpes) by matali crasset

For this event, Galerie MICA and Association Libre Artbitre (LAB) are joining forces to present the work of :
Isabelle DAËRON
Odile DECQ
Florence DOLÉAC
Fabrice HYBER
Charlotte JUILLARD

in collaboration with Artisans LAB.

© Courtesy of James Harris for Design Miami/