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02 February 2024

Creation of a steel staircase banister in Rennes

Crézé creation of a black waxed steel staircase banister for a private individual in Rennes.

Before presenting the work of our team, it is important to explain the nature of the work presented: a spiral banister.

A spiral banister is a spiral banister that winds around a central axis, forming a three-dimensional spiral structure. It is often used in modern construction to facilitate vertical movement between different levels of a building, such as stairs.

Spiral ramps are usually designed so that the entire ramp forms a gentle curve, allowing users to ascend or descend easily without encountering steep steps. They are usually made of steel, concrete or glass, and can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific architectural needs of a building. The advantages of spiral ramps include their attractive aesthetics and efficient use of space.

The manufacture of a bespoke spiral banister traditionally involves collaboration between an architect, a stair designer or engineer and a bespoke stair manufacturer. The design and manufacturing process can include the creation of technical drawings, the selection of materials, the customisation of design details such as the shape, size and colour of the treads, handrails and balustrades, as well as the bespoke manufacture of the staircase components.

At the request of private individuals, the Crézé craftsmen’s mission was to create a tailor-made spiral banister. By following the client’s requests, we were able to offer a unique and personalised solution that perfectly integrates with the aesthetics and functionality of the space in which it is installed. This spiral staircase also maximises the use of available space, as it can be designed to fit into tight or irregular spaces, making it an ideal option for complex or unique architectural projects.

Made in our workshops, this handrail is a perfect match for the work of carpenter Serge Simon with whom we collaborated on this project. The handrail is composed of a double flat with a space separating these two parts. Made of black waxed steel, the design finish highlights the material, embellishes the whole and illuminates the interior.