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21 July 2023

Grant from the Club des Mécènes

5,000 grant to restore the Moguériec lighthouse in Sibiril harbor (Finistère).

The Moguériec lighthouse is located on the northwest coast of France, in the commune of Sibiril, Brittany. It stands at the tip of the Moguériec peninsula, near the pointe de Penfoul. The Moguériec lighthouse was designed in July 1876 in Paris by Gustave Eiffel. It is an 18-metre-high steel lighthouse.

Eaten away on all sides by salt, the metal structure was hanging on by a thread. Its demolition was recommended. To save this exceptional lighthouse, Arnaud Lampire founded the association Sauvons le Phare de Moguériec in 2017. The restoration of the lighthouse was made possible thanks to a strong popular mobilization with the support of the association, as well as the important involvement of the Sibiril town council. The Club des Mécènes du Patrimoine is proud to support the restoration of the Moguériec Lighthouse.

Since its creation, the Club des Mécènes du Patrimoine has already supported a dozen heritage preservation projects in Brittany, including the restoration of the Kervoyal mill, the last windmill in Damgan. The Monthouis House, a 16th and 17th century oratory of justice.