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Custom metal landscaping

What is metal landscaping?

Metal landscaping refers to the use of metallic materials, such as steel, aluminum, wrought iron or other alloys, in the design and layout of gardens, parks and other outdoor spaces. This practice combines the durability and versatility of metals with creativity to create functional and aesthetic landscape elements.

Metal landscaping offers designers and garden owners the opportunity to create durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Metals can be shaped in many ways to suit a variety of garden styles and themes, whether contemporary, traditional, rustic or another specific style.

Our achievments

Landscaping Japanese pathway at Château des Loges
The cherry on the icing for the park

This fine elegant bridge drawing inspiration from Japan disguises its size well: 19 m long and 3 m wide, while being strong enough to support a 10 T tractor for maintaining the wooded island. Around the lake is a terrace fitted with an ironwork guardrail.

Many thanks to the landscaping firm Couasnon for the great collaboration on this project!

Passerelle Les Loges-1
Passerelle Les Loges-2

Landscaping Car-port on the outskirts of Vilaine
Modern car-port to fit in perfectly with stylish home

Protection from the sun, and electricity charging point for cars, with consoles from forged steel to tie in with the house next to it.

Car port fer forgé-1
Car port fer forgé-2

Landscaping Conseil d’État in Paris
Bronze patina candelabras

Bronze patina candelabras, blown glass, creation of an upper ventilation system.

Candélabre en bronze patiné.

Landscaping Lanterns at the Peninsula
Copper and brass lanterns

The Peninsula’s lanterns were made according to the drawings provided by the AFFINE Richard MARTINET firm.
They are attached to the façade of a luxury Parisian hotel, and light up its front face.
The materials used include copper for the structure and the ornamental brass castings were gilded with gold leaf. The copper was burnished.
Beyond the lanterns’ visible simplicity and their sober elegance hides a delicate structure and its finishes: it was up to us to comply with the architect’s project and at the same time tie in all the technical constraints – harmony of the rounded blown glass, required watertightness – without withholding any of the desired aesthetics.
Assembly was ensured in our workshops, and we also took care of on-site installation.

Lanternes du Peninsula - Lanterns at the Peninsula
Lanternes du Peninsula - Lanterns at the Peninsula

Landscaping Memorial in Bruz
Corten steel patina

The real name of Corten steel is: steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance.
A while ago, we realised that adding copper to mild steel improves its resistance to corrosion.
Other alloy components such as chromium, nickel, phosphorus and aluminium were used to create steel variants that become more resistant to corrosion in certain environments.
Steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance are low-alloyed steels, referred to as weathering steels or self-weathering steels – because in certain exposure conditions they are able to cover themselves with a protective coating known as patina.
Memorial in Bruz (35) made of Corten sheet metal. Corten steel patina.

Mémorial à Bruz

Landscaping Mitterrand mall
Metalwork for outdoor furnitures

When arriving in Rennes, the lay-out of the Mitterrand Mall offers a new vision of the city’s perspectives – a city that is so pleasant to stroll around.
Metalwork was given star billing: footbridges and galvanised steel staircases, brass banisters with stainless steel handrails.
These features fit into a natural environment with benches for tired walkers, decorative structures and play areas for children and adults alike.

Mail Mitterrand - Mitterrand mall
Mail Mitterrand - Mitterrand mall

Landscaping Railings in front of the courthouse in Lorient
Ironwork that brings a strong graphic identity

Design of a very high powder-coated railing, used as a protective vestibule at the entrance of the courthouse. The ironwork, lacquered in gold, boasts varying numbers of twists to avoid the feeling of repetition. The entrance is adorned with an automated sliding gate. A creation full of character.

Grille Lorient - Railings Lorient

Landscaping Hall in Paris
Sober design of an entrance hall and a courtyard

Modernity and sobriety were key words when creating this Parisian entrance hall combined with a welcoming inner courtyard, with its curved and relaxing lines.
The inner architectural design boasts an interesting textured effect with the black and waxed metallised, sanded, patina steel sheeting. The lift’s sprays are made of 8 mm-thick curved sheet metal. The signpost is made of 15 mm aged, patina, waxed sheet metal.
With regard to the inner courtyard, the benches on the suspended footbridge that hangs above the garden are made of patina, varnished steel sheeting. The stylish ashtray is made with shiny polished stainless steel.

Hall Paris
Hall Paris

Landscaping Samsic head office in Cesson-Sévigné
Custom design layout with metallic structure

An original and large-scale creation for Samsic’s head office. The ornamental powder-coated metallic structure is decorated with opal laminated glass. The overall architecture was founded on the effect of a projected drop of water, offering visitors curved buildings – like waves emanating from a central axis. Water – as the symbol of Brittany – and greenery have pride of place here, namely thanks to the Asian-inspired gardens.
The “drop of water” building is surmounted with a glass dome. This roof aims to turn a constraint (hiding technical equipment, namely the air-conditioning and heating units) into an easily-recognisable architectural feat, visible from Rennes’ ring-road.
The entrance hall is bedecked with a steel and glass curtain wall to make movement easier within the building, with the help of banisters, footbridges and a lift. The glass floor reflects the architectural elements and reinforces the building’s depth.
At the very top of this hall, visitors can admire the monumental sculpture created by Annick Leroy – an artist from Rennes – which is a reproduction of the photography “Lunchtime atop a skyscraper” taken in 1932 during the construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York. The structure’s ceiling needed to be reinforced to support this work and welcome the seven characters on their girder, weighing a total of 1.3 tonnes.


Landscaping Inner courtyard
Inner courtyard walkway arrangement

Breathing more space into the inner courtyard with a powder coated steel walkway, decorated to hide its functional side (dustbins, bike rack and air-conditioning) without blocking it out completely.

Cour intérieure - Inner courtyard

Landscaping Restoration of Thabor park kiosque

Its light and refined silhouette is well-known by those who stroll down the paths in the Thabor park. To perpetuate its long history, major restoration work was required.
Crézé was entrusted with being the sole contractor for the restoration of this kiosque – a strong symbol from the 19th century romantic era. The roof was removed, new cast iron gusset plates were made, the framework was reinforced, enamelled iron crests were fashioned and new banisters were added to each side of the staircase.
Read about the know-how of all these tradespeople who contribute to perpetuating common architectural heritage in the book « Les métiers d’art au service du Patrimoine » – Le Kiosque du Thabor – Editions Apogée.

Kiosque du Thabor - Thabor park kiosque
Kiosque du Thabor - Thabor park kiosque

Features of metal landscaping

Metals used in landscaping, such as steel or wrought iron, are renowned for their durability and weather resistance. They are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Many metals are treated to resist corrosion, making them suitable for outdoor use, even in damp or maritime environments.

Metal can be used to create a variety of landscape elements, including garden structures, furniture, fences, borders, lighting, sculptures and decorative elements. Metal landscaping is often associated with a modern, contemporary style. It can bring an industrial, minimalist or futuristic aesthetic to an outdoor space. Metals can be finished in a variety of ways, allowing for customization in terms of color, texture and finish, from smooth and shiny to textured and oxidized.

Metal elements are generally easy to maintain. Occasional cleaning and the application of protective coatings can suffice to keep them in good condition.

Metal can create an interesting visual contrast with other landscape elements, such as vegetation, stone, wood or glass. Metal sculptures and art installations can be used to add an artistic dimension to landscaping and create visual focal points.