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Custom metal interior fittings

What is metal interior fittings?

Metal interior design refers to the use of metal in the design and decoration of a building’s interior spaces. Metal can be used in a variety of ways to create decorative, functional and structural elements inside a home, office or other type of structure.

At Crézé, we make metal staircases, among other things. Metal staircases are popular in modern and industrial homes. They can have metal, glass or wooden treads, and can be designed in a variety of styles, including spiral and floating staircases. Metal railings are used along staircases, balconies and terraces for safety reasons, but they can also serve as decorative details. Metals are often used to create sleek, modern designs.

Metal interior fittings offer versatility in terms of style, finish and texture, making it possible to create a variety of moods, from modern industrial to more traditional looks. Metal is valued for its durability, strength and artistic potential, and is often used to create unique, personalized interior spaces.

Our achievments

Interior design Restoration – Locksmithing Hôtel de la Marine
Inaugurated in June 2021 after 5 years of work, the Hôtel de la Marine is an architectural jewel that has adorned the Place de la Concorde for over 260 years.

Taking part in this exceptional restoration, Crézé had the privilege of restoring, in particular, all the interior and exterior locksmithing of the Hôtel de la Marine. The design and renovation of these locks: gates, doors, railings, etc. were carried out in our workshop in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, near Rennes.
Our company also installed the locksmith’s work we did in the interiors of this building, which has been classified as a historical monument since 1923, and on the gates and doors overlooking the Place de la Concorde.

Interior design Oratory – La Grande Bretèche Tours
New chapel made of steel and hand-blown glass, set in a 15th century chapel.

Crézé’s mission: creation and installation of an oratory, carried out in collaboration with the Ateliers du maître verrier Helmbold and the architectural firm Le Moal. The structural shape facilitates the penetration of light and the careful acoustics of the oratory. The specificity of this work allows the doors to be opened on the entire façade towards the nave when the public is present and to be closed again for a more intimate ceremony.
From a technical point of view, this oratory is made of Jansen joinery and is 6 meters high, 13 meters long and 5 meters wide.

Interior design Tailored stainless steel fittings in Paris
Brushed stainless steel with champagne hue and curved glazing

For this refurbishment of a luxury residence on Bd Malesherbes in Paris, Crézé provided all stainless steel fittings, including three automatic vestibules, lift sprays and plinths, all with a champagne varnish that still allows the brushed finish to be seen. The 3D curved glass is an exclusive feature in itself, and was created through a close collaboration between Crézé and Goude Glass. A very contemporary project with beautiful curves, designed by Archibuild.

Agencement inox Paris-1
Agencement inox Paris-2

Interior design Exclusive metal design in London
French artisanal skills in Chelsea

These luxury apartments at Parker Tower, designed by studio Mickaëlis Boyd, required the different living areas to be elegantly and discretely divided. The dressing room and bathroom fit perfectly with the harmony of the space.

Efficient collaboration with Raison Home.

Parker Tower London-metalwork-1
Parker Tower London-metal glass-2

Interior design Creation of stylish object
Hervé Perrin - Le Cendrier (The Ashtray)

Steel, stainless steel, brass and all their variants (wax, patina, polishing) can adorn a private owner’s home: staircases, banisters, chimney hoods, bathroom accessories, wall lights, fountains and various decorative objects.
Each and every project is unique and has a single goal in mind: to meet the customer’s desires and find its natural place within an existing environment. Refined shapes, elegant curves, functional or stylish objects – anything can be invented and modelled…Simple shapes and elegant materials intertwine so each item can find its place.

These materials also have a place in public areas for welcoming visitors:

  • Indoors: reception area, railings, museum displays, ornamental chandelier or door handles.
  • Outdoors, with special treatment: signs or poster fixtures, shop displays or candelabras.
Objet design - Stylish object

Interior design Hôtel des impôts
Sculpture made of sheet aluminium

Structure inspired by Da Vinci’s icosahedron drawing, made of aluminium sheeting.
Size of the sculpture: 10 metres.

Hôtel des impôts

Interior design Exhibition display
Brass and steel patina

Sculpture on a polished patina brass base.

Socle d’exposition - Exhibition display
Socle d’exposition - Exhibition display

Interior design Eiffel Tower logo
Brass and steel patina

The Eiffel Tower logo symbolises Paris, its elegance and its technological prowess.
The transposition of a smaller-scale logo at the entrance of the Galeries Lafayette was intended for more symbolism, to arouse the curiosity of passers-by: taut cables held by small balls and attached onto a see-through panel for a modern and discrete display.
Looking at a wider vision to focus on the full shape of the design instead of its details, the overall imprint remains in the eye and visitors are reminded of the symbol that helps them understand the full picture.
The drawing of this miniature Eiffel Tower was inspired by string art, whose main asset is the continuity of lines in a given space. Once the project had been drawn up, the fixtures were attached onto the Plexiglas, and from then on the cables simply needed to be affixed. Ultimate stage: the wooden display unit that looks exactly like neighbouring displays will ensure the public’s safety when walking around the work.
Height: 3.60 metres – 3 millimetre cable – Diameter of the stainless steel circle: 6 centimetres.

La tour Eiffel logo - Eiffel Tower logo

Interior design Sculptures
Sculptures forged using stainless steel "water - earth - fire - air"

Artists or those who love art will not be outdone.
Be it from our collaboration with Michel de Broin, or the small and discrete sculptures under the Galeries Lafayette skylight. They included us in their project and gave us full control of it. For the greatest delight of all those who love to wander around new places.
The four small sculptures – created by Rémi Crézé – brought the final touch to the creative vision of the Galeries Lafayette skylight project.


Interior design Carmen
Metal sculpture by Annick Leroy

From the staircase to the slope, the effort put in was as big as the upward slope itself – and it was particularly steep, even for a lovely Breton lady named Carmen!
We worked in support of the artist (Annick Leroy) to ensure the delicate installation of her sculpture: Carmen is riding up a rope and her balance is ensured by a 200-kg counterweight.


Interior design FRAC contemporary art museum
Contemporary steel furniture

Creation of contemporary furniture. A structure that associates wood with waxed blue steel sheets. Highly elaborate aesthetics with sheet junctions that were cut and adjusted to 45° so as not to see their thickness.

Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain - FRAC contemporary art museum

Interior design Hall in Paris
Sober design of an entrance hall and a courtyard

Modernity and sobriety were key words when creating this Parisian entrance hall combined with a welcoming inner courtyard, with its curved and relaxing lines.
The inner architectural design boasts an interesting textured effect with the black and waxed metallised, sanded, patina steel sheeting. The lift’s sprays are made of 8 mm-thick curved sheet metal. The signpost is made of 15 mm aged, patina, waxed sheet metal.
With regard to the inner courtyard, the benches on the suspended footbridge that hangs above the garden are made of patina, varnished steel sheeting. The stylish ashtray is made with shiny polished stainless steel.

Hall Paris
Hall Paris

Interior design Shower screen
Stylish stainless steel accessory

A contemporary bathroom fitted with a stainless steel tube-shaped curved, polished, shiny shower screen with ornamental tabs on the laminated glass.

Pare-douche - Shower screen

Interior design Samsic head office in Cesson-Sévigné
Custom design layout with metallic structure

An original and large-scale creation for Samsic’s head office. The ornamental powder-coated metallic structure is decorated with opal laminated glass. The overall architecture was founded on the effect of a projected drop of water, offering visitors curved buildings – like waves emanating from a central axis. Water – as the symbol of Brittany – and greenery have pride of place here, namely thanks to the Asian-inspired gardens.
The “drop of water” building is surmounted with a glass dome. This roof aims to turn a constraint (hiding technical equipment, namely the air-conditioning and heating units) into an easily-recognisable architectural feat, visible from Rennes’ ring-road.
The entrance hall is bedecked with a steel and glass curtain wall to make movement easier within the building, with the help of banisters, footbridges and a lift. The glass floor reflects the architectural elements and reinforces the building’s depth.
At the very top of this hall, visitors can admire the monumental sculpture created by Annick Leroy – an artist from Rennes – which is a reproduction of the photography “Lunchtime atop a skyscraper” taken in 1932 during the construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York. The structure’s ceiling needed to be reinforced to support this work and welcome the seven characters on their girder, weighing a total of 1.3 tonnes.


Interior design Forged stainless steel altar
Saint-Sauveur basilica in Rennes

Completion of a shiny, polished, forged stainless steel altar with an inserted marble top. The steel lettering was gilded with gold leaf.

Autel Saint-Sauveur - Saint-Sauveur altar

Features of metal interior fittings

Metal interior design can bring a variety of distinctive features and elements to an interior space. These features can vary depending on the type of metal used, the design style sought and the specific application.

Metal is a durable, hard-wearing material that can withstand daily wear and tear. It is particularly suited to high-traffic areas such as commercial spaces. Metal fittings are often associated with a modern, contemporary style. It can add an industrial, minimalist or futuristic touch to an interior space. Metals can be finished in a variety of ways, including polished, brushed, oxidized, textured or painted finishes. This allows for a wide variety of aesthetic options. Metal can be shaped to create a variety of elements, including furniture, lighting, railings, flooring, walls and ceilings. It offers great design versatility.

Metallic surfaces can add an interesting tactile dimension to an interior space. Metal textures can vary from smooth to rough. Metal elements can be custom-made to meet the specific needs and preferences of a project. This allows customization in terms of size, shape and style. Although often associated with a modern style, metal can be adapted to a variety of design styles, including contemporary, traditional, industrial, rustic and others.

Metal interior fittings offer a wide variety of options for designing interior spaces, whether to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic or to add unique, personalized design elements. It can help create functional, aesthetically appealing interiors while offering long-term durability.