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Metal extension canopies

What is an extension canopy?

A skylight extension is an architectural glass and metal structure designed to expand the living space of an existing home or building. This extension is usually added to the main structure and can serve different purposes, such as creating a new room, additional living space, a conservatory or a transition area between the interior and exterior.

The glass roof is mainly made of glass panels, which allows excellent penetration of natural light. It thus creates a bright and pleasant space inside the house. A glass extension is often designed to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. It allows you to enjoy the view of the garden or the surrounding landscape while remaining sheltered from bad weather.

Extension canopies can be used for a variety of purposes, such as extending the dining room, creating a summer lounge, providing a winter garden for plants, or even as lounge. Extension skylights are often designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic, making them an interesting design element for a home. They can add a contemporary touch to existing architecture.

Our achievments

Extension canopies Glass wall restoration – Indret
Returning the ‘La Navale’ glass wall to its former splendour

This magnificent glass wall on the back wall of a castle on the south bank of the Loire was probably constructed by workers from neighbouring naval sites at the start of the 20th Century. The Crézé team worked here for several weeks, returning it to its former glory.

Restauration verrière Indret-1
Restauration verrière Indret-2

Extension canopies House in Saint-Briac
Elegant sunroom with large glass walls

Creation of a sunroom on the existing terrace, so the owners could benefit from it all year round and extend their home in a pleasant manner.
We therefore turned a reasonably-sized yet not very usable space into a separate living area. The glass walls are covered in a 4-pane zinc roof that allows rainwater to evacuate through the almost-invisible gutter, hidden away in the decor.
This extremely sober sunroom is adorned with diamond-shaped patterns at ground-level and higher up: this choice is both attractive and useful as the upper pattern also serves as a bracing.

Maison à Saint-Briac - House in Saint-Briac

Extension canopies House in Rennes (1)
Creation of a sunroom with isolating glass panels

The former terrace, that was very hot due to its south-facing exposure, was turned into a sunroom.
The highly-insulating and high-performance glass panes enabled the owner to enjoy a temperate living area, even in the middle of summer.
We added electric shutters to protect them from the sun without blocking out the light completely.
The existing banister was painted the same colours as the sunroom structure, for improved harmony.

Maison à rennes - House in Rennes

Extension canopies House in Rennes (3)
Contemporary glass-walled room

A contemporary glass-walled room with sun-like decor, home to a bedroom in the middle of the garden, hence the presence of blackout blinds all the way around.
The relatively sober construction is adorned with some decoration at ground-level, and an access banister made of polished stainless steel is used to access the garden as soon as you get out of bed.

Maison à rennes - House in Rennes

Extension canopies Manor in the Morbihan
Create a new room with a skylight and glass walls

The skylight forming the gable end of this prestigious bourgeois dwelling offers an additional room, thanks to the glass’ high quality – the temperature remains the same even when the sun hits the front of the house.
The occupants’ intimacy is also preserved: vision from indoors to outdoors is perfect, but vision is obstructed the other way round.
A wood-burner was added to heat the room up during the cold winter months.

Manoir en Morbihan - Manor in the Morbihan
Manoir en Morbihan - Manor in the Morbihan

Extension canopies Traditional house
Sunroom with patinated and decorative iron structure

The sunroom goes all along the front of a traditional house, half-way between a conservatory and patio, and makes for a comfortable and sunlit dining area in the rounded part of the structure.
The zinc roof leaves room for glass panes in front of each of the house’s openings, so the sunlight can still stream in. Several arches reinforce the structure and bring even more charm to the house.
The textured powder coating gives the structure a lovely patina effect.

Maison traditionnelle - Traditional house

Extension canopies Skylight in Saint-Briac
House extension with glass walls and roof

This house on the northern Breton coastline was enriched with a new and fully-glassed living area, with double glazing low-E thermal insulation.

Verrière Saint-Briac - Skylight in Saint-Briac

What are the characteristics of an extension glass roof?

The features of an extension canopy may vary depending on the specific design and project needs.

Extension skylights typically have a metal frame, such as steel, that supports the glass panels. The choice of metal will depend on the necessary strength and the desired aesthetic style.

The walls of an extension skylight are mainly made of glass panels, which allows excellent penetration of natural light. The types of glass used may vary depending on the desired thermal performance.

The roof of the canopy is also usually made of glass or polycarbonate to maximize light. It can have a flat, sloped or dome shape, depending on the intended design.

Extension canopies offer great flexibility in terms of customization. You can choose the size, shape, colors and finishes so that it fits harmoniously into your home. Extension skylights may have sliding doors, French doors or other types of doors to facilitate access from inside the house or from outside.