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Contemporary metal canopies

What is a contemporary metal canopy?

A contemporary metal canopy is an architectural structure designed to shelter an entrance, window or outdoor area while adding a modern, aesthetic touch to a building.

The canopy is usually made of metal, which can be steel or stainless steel, and can be combined with other materials such as glass or polycarbonate to create a contemporary design.

Our achievments

Contemporary canopies Canopy for Bèje restaurant – Rennes
A return to the roaring twenties

Works were carried out on the Bèje restaurant, formerly the Amiral, on place de Bretagne, which has a laid back art-déco / art nouveau style. This involved creating a tailored canopy over the majority of the terrace area, which was made so fine that you can only see it from the square if you look very carefully.

Marquise sur-mesures restaurant Bèje - Rennes-1
Marquise sur-mesures restaurant Bèje - Rennes-2

Contemporary canopies Canopy in Paris
Vestibule and sandy steel canopy

This entrance to an office block in Paris’ Golden Triangle is discretely adorned with a canopy and vestibule, structured by a flowing black sandy steel frame and its two automatic doors. The curved glass panes are embossed with the building’s logo and fitted with LED lighting. A stylish, shiny, polished stainless steel rubbish bin and ashtray were placed around the canopy.

Marquise Paris - Canopy in Paris

Contemporary canopies Cinema in Dinard
Steel awning for a historical monument

Extremely large canopy, aimed to shelter the audience of a cinema in Dinard.
Made entirely of steel, it was created jointly with an architect to study the design and feasibility of the project, with a view to respecting the building’s style and that of the renowned seaside resort.
The upward sloping canopy is less cumbersome thanks to the glass panes at the very end, that also enable rainwater to run down the gutter fitted along the building.
The sanding and 120 micron-plating it underwent ensure its resistance to sea spray.

Cinéma à Dinard
Cinéma à Dinard

The different features of our contemporary canopies

Contemporary canopies feature a clean, minimalist design, often with straight lines or simple geometric shapes. They are designed to blend harmoniously with modern architecture. Metal is a commonly used material for contemporary awnings because of its durability, weather resistance and ease of maintenance.

Contemporary metal canopies can be clad in a variety of ways to enhance their aesthetic appeal. This can include paint, powder or brushed stainless steel finishes to create a customized look. Awnings generally provide protection from rain, snow or sun. Depending on the design, they can have a flat or sloping covering surface to shed rainwater.

As with any contemporary structure, metal canopies can be customized to suit the owner’s preferences or the architectural style of the building. Contemporary metal canopies can be installed over main entrances to homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, stores and other spaces to create an aesthetically pleasing shelter.

Metal is a low-maintenance material, making it easy to maintain the awning’s appearance over time.