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Artistic collaborations

Why collaborate with an artist?

Collaboration between an artist and craftspeople is a practice that has existed for centuries and continues to evolve in the contemporary art world. This collaboration can take many forms, depending on the needs of the artist, the skills of the artisans and the objectives of the artistic project.

Collaboration between artists and craftspeople can be both creatively and technically enriching. It enables artists to realize their artistic vision while benefiting from the expertise of artisans in handling materials and performing specialized techniques. This synergy between artistic creativity and craftsmanship has given rise to many remarkable works of art throughout the history of art.

Artistic collaborations Plom
The Plom letterbox is a work that plays with balance.

This three-part faceted column stands on an axis like a “Kokei” performance.

The metal paint finish emphasizes the play of light on the faces of the volumes.
With its intriguing off-axis silhouette, Plom plays on both architectural and design codes.

Published by Galerie MICA.

Artistic collaborations Espace Sonirique
A butterfly is on a desk, the desk is rooted on the ground.

This cone seems to be a butterfly, a horn of an old gramophone. It creates a silence and captures the attention in order to create a quiet place for reflection.

This desk was designed by Matali Crasset and leather-wrapped by FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industries). Espace Sonirique will fit in your interior and bring you into a dreamlike world, inspiring your next letters and your passionate readings.

A collaboration edited by Galerie MICA.

Artistic collaborations Renard Roux (Vulpes Vulpes)
A collaboration between matali crasset and LAB artisans.

This project offers an alternative to stuffed animals. To achieve this, the special technique of needle painting is used to embroider with realism and poetry. After a first project, the owl frightens, it is the fox that takes shape. Like anti-trophies that take place on the walls, objects that pay homage to animals present in our culture through tales. Animal presences to magnify the animal world and show our attachment to its diversity.

A collaboration edited by Galerie MICA.

Renard Roux (Vulpes Vulpes)

Artistic collaborations Creation of stylish object
Hervé Perrin - Le Cendrier (The Ashtray)

Steel, stainless steel, brass and all their variants (wax, patina, polishing) can adorn a private owner’s home: staircases, banisters, chimney hoods, bathroom accessories, wall lights, fountains and various decorative objects.
Each and every project is unique and has a single goal in mind: to meet the customer’s desires and find its natural place within an existing environment. Refined shapes, elegant curves, functional or stylish objects – anything can be invented and modelled…Simple shapes and elegant materials intertwine so each item can find its place.

These materials also have a place in public areas for welcoming visitors:

  • Indoors: reception area, railings, museum displays, ornamental chandelier or door handles.
  • Outdoors, with special treatment: signs or poster fixtures, shop displays or candelabras.
Objet design - Stylish object

Artistic collaborations Eiffel Tower logo
Brass and steel patina

The Eiffel Tower logo symbolises Paris, its elegance and its technological prowess.
The transposition of a smaller-scale logo at the entrance of the Galeries Lafayette was intended for more symbolism, to arouse the curiosity of passers-by: taut cables held by small balls and attached onto a see-through panel for a modern and discrete display.
Looking at a wider vision to focus on the full shape of the design instead of its details, the overall imprint remains in the eye and visitors are reminded of the symbol that helps them understand the full picture.
The drawing of this miniature Eiffel Tower was inspired by string art, whose main asset is the continuity of lines in a given space. Once the project had been drawn up, the fixtures were attached onto the Plexiglas, and from then on the cables simply needed to be affixed. Ultimate stage: the wooden display unit that looks exactly like neighbouring displays will ensure the public’s safety when walking around the work.
Height: 3.60 metres – 3 millimetre cable – Diameter of the stainless steel circle: 6 centimetres.

La tour Eiffel logo - Eiffel Tower logo

Artistic collaborations Sculptures
Sculptures forged using stainless steel "water - earth - fire - air"

Artists or those who love art will not be outdone.
Be it from our collaboration with Michel de Broin, or the small and discrete sculptures under the Galeries Lafayette skylight. They included us in their project and gave us full control of it. For the greatest delight of all those who love to wander around new places.
The four small sculptures – created by Rémi Crézé – brought the final touch to the creative vision of the Galeries Lafayette skylight project.


Artistic collaborations Carmen
Metal sculpture by Annick Leroy

From the staircase to the slope, the effort put in was as big as the upward slope itself – and it was particularly steep, even for a lovely Breton lady named Carmen!
We worked in support of the artist (Annick Leroy) to ensure the delicate installation of her sculpture: Carmen is riding up a rope and her balance is ensured by a 200-kg counterweight.


Artistic collaborations Dendrite – Monumental steel staircase
Monumental staircase, work of art by Michel de Broin

Made for the artist by Crézé.
9 tonnes of steel, size 7 m x 8 m, height 5.5 m.
European Institutions district in Kirchberg, Luxembourg – June 2016.


Highlighting know-how

Collaborating with an artist as a craftsman can present many advantages and opportunities.

Working with an artist offers Crézé the opportunity to explore new creative avenues. Artists often have original and innovative ideas, which encourages us to push our own creative boundaries and try out new techniques and approaches.

Working with different artists has enabled Crézé to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. Artists may have specialized knowledge in areas such as color, composition, art theory, etc., which can enrich our work as well as our know-how. Working on art projects has also enabled us to present our work to a wider audience. Art projects are often exhibited in galleries, museums and exhibitions, giving the craftsman greater visibility.

Collaborations between Crézé and artists can combine different artistic disciplines, creating unique hybrid works. This interdisciplinary approach can generate great interest and attract a varied audience. Artists are often open to experimentation and the exploration of new ideas. This can allow us to step out of our comfort zone and try out techniques or materials we might not otherwise have used.

Collaboration between an artist and a craftsman can be a mutually beneficial experience that enriches the creative process, broadens professional horizons and enables the realization of unique and memorable artistic projects. It can also help to strengthen artistic communities by fostering cooperation between different players in the art world.