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Bespoke metal staircases

Be it for individual home-owners, companies or a local community, our staircases are unique creations that will no doubt enhance the place in which they are fitted. Our metal- and iron-working know-how enables us to design staircases that boast both aesthetic design and simple lines. Designed either by our design office or jointly with architects, our elegant staircases fit in with any style - from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

Discover some of our creations here: spiral, straight or curved staircases, wrought iron banisters, stylish railings, etc.


The Couvent des Jacobins
101 metal steps for a unique staircase design

The stringers and steps were cut out according to the drawings provided by Michel de Broin.
Due to its size and difficult access, we were required to create this piece directly on-site. It weighs a total of eight tonnes, and is made of one hundred and one different steps.
The staircase can be disassembled if it needs to be moved to another place, so the patron is free to showcase it on various production sites.
It must be said that the technical difficulties linked to this work fuelled our motivation, but that was not our only catalyst… Our world needs artists whose vision always goes slightly beyond the object in question. Indeed, thanks to extremely fruitful exchanges, this collaboration helped us discover the extent to which technique affects the artistic world and vice versa – with symbolism worming its way into our creations.
Artists are those who prevent us from thinking too straight in our society, and our contribution as economic stakeholders consists in helping them express their form of art. A world without artists would reduce us to conformism and uniformity. That is why we like the idea of favouring emerging talents: at the end of this project, we decided to patron the Ateliers de Rennes.

Le Vergier
Patinated wrought iron railing

The iron-worked banister has an “Art Nouveau” style to it.
Its drawings were done by the company, and it was completed in accordance with standard practices and in line with the customer’s recommendations.
The banister curves as it goes up its three floors. The entire banister, assembled using screws and rivets, complies with traditional iron-working techniques.
The waxed black patina finish makes the work look falsely tainted by time – just like the 18th century house it lies in.

The “Passage des Dames” in Rennes
Modern helical staircase design

A beautiful example of a shaftless spiral staircase.
The stringer is attached within the structure built into the red wall. This stringer – which is as important and central as the mill’s pivot – remains invisible to highlight the staircase’s gentle arabesques.
The initial handrail and upper barrier are made of hammered round steel. A full patina effect creates different hues on the steps, stringer and banister – just like the 18th century house it lies in.

Boulevard de Sévigné in Rennes
Modern sheet metal staircase and flat iron railing

This huge staircase runs from the garden level to the first floor of the house, as a replacement for the former wooden staircase.
The steps and risers are all made of sheet metal. It was assembled using copper rivets.
It boasts a waxed rusted patina finish.
The railings and barrier are made of flat iron and are affixed to the stringer.

Le Ginguené in Rennes
Bespoke iron straight staircase

This piece of work is a straight staircase that provides direct access to the mezzanine level.
The steps are made of folded sheet metal.
The stringers are “I”-shaped for a thinner-looking structure, making the whole work more aesthetic.
The railing has double poles that give a touch of originality to this work, thanks to the distinguished assembly with the barrier.
The round steel barrier runs through a sheath fitted in the centre of the double pole.

Spiral staircase made of steel and stamped iron

“Backup” staircase: we used a restrained area to insert a robust yet light staircase that would be both discrete and easily visible.
This spiral staircase is made of steel, the steps are made of stamped iron and were galvanised and painted.
The creation fits in perfectly with the 19th century building.

Bois Joly
Contemporary metal and wood staircase

Contemporary metallic staircase encased in traditional character-filled architecture, created in collaboration with the architect Mr J Marc Jehan.
The step supports – welded onto the stringers – are positioned to welcome the steps laid by the carpenter. The steps are wooden and have no risers.
On each side of the staircase, a railing made up of a cranked flat iron intermediate rail brings a graphic and light touch to the feature.
The whole feature is painted – just like the 18th century house it is fitted in.

Wooden stairs and sheet metal railings

The railings are made of oxy-fuel cut sheet metal, reminding us of the trees, in complete harmony with the modern design of the house and its bucolic environment.
These railings encircle a wooden staircase with a metallic structure (hidden in the walls). This technical touch is invisible to the naked eye but confirms the structure’s solidity as well as our trade’s functionality: making beautiful things, of course, but not only: every little screw or lining contributes to the work as a whole and ensures its safety.

Les Guérandes
Elegant wooden and metal staircase with black waxed patina

This staircase has a stringer on one side. Three corner pieces were placed to support the three components that make up each step.
Its shapes are refined and robust yet simple, fitting in beautifully with the lovely old building. Our gaze is drawn to the feature that highlights all the variations in light, making the black waxed patina gleam. This finish was chosen to underline the project’s originality.

Bespoke metal staircase and banister

Staircase with a pothook stringer. The second stringer is encased in the wall.
This staircase’s distinctive feature is that no two steps are alike. Indeed, we were required to adapt to certain technical constraints on-site: on the floor we had to begin the staircase according to the heater, then a horizontal beam threatened to compromise the way up.
The protective banister and changes in rhythm – initially imposed by the actual structure of the staircase – were voluntarily referred to again by the use of plates. Their positioning, that could first be thought of as chaotic, gives the feature its aesthetic touch.

Promenade au clair de lune
Wrought iron spiral staircase

This beautifully high seaside building has a wrought iron spiral staircase running through its entire core, from the basement to the upper floors.
At the top of the staircase, protected by railings, is a cast iron fish (perfect for the seaside), acting like a figurehead beneath the skylight that towers gracefully over the “Promenade au clair de lune” path.