The Couvent des Jacobins

101 metal steps for a unique staircase design

The stringers and steps were cut out according to the drawings provided by Michel de Broin.
Due to its size and difficult access, we were required to create this piece directly on-site. It weighs a total of eight tonnes, and is made of one hundred and one different steps.
The staircase can be disassembled if it needs to be moved to another place, so the patron is free to showcase it on various production sites.
It must be said that the technical difficulties linked to this work fuelled our motivation, but that was not our only catalyst… Our world needs artists whose vision always goes slightly beyond the object in question. Indeed, thanks to extremely fruitful exchanges, this collaboration helped us discover the extent to which technique affects the artistic world and vice versa – with symbolism worming its way into our creations.
Artists are those who prevent us from thinking too straight in our society, and our contribution as economic stakeholders consists in helping them express their form of art. A world without artists would reduce us to conformism and uniformity. That is why we like the idea of favouring emerging talents: at the end of this project, we decided to patron the Ateliers de Rennes.