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Architectural heritage

Crézé: Devoted to the development and reputation of French heritage. Whether we are called upon to restore and renovate ecclesiastic, national or regional public heritage sites, or privately-owned cultural properties, our experience and skills in decorative and wrought ironwork as well as heavy and architectural metalwork have led us to collaborate on countless projects with the Chief Architects of Historical Monuments in France. These projects continually bolster and further cultivate our age-old expertise.

Our mastery in the field leads us to work on numerous prestigious productions, ranging from the conservation of religious art through the restoration of sculptures and the creation of altars, ambons, tabernacles, and monstrances, to the refurbishment and identical reproduction of various historical sites and their gates, railings, handrails, guardrails, pavilions and more.

Crézé contributes to France's reputation throughout the world, maintaining and enhancing notorious locations such as the Mont Saint-Michel, the Palais Garnier opera house, and the Place Vendôme square. Our love for our home region also explains our ambition to preserve our local cultural and architectural heritage.

This passion has driven us to partake in the restoration and embellishment of various sites, such as the Vannes Cathedral, the Basilique Saint-Sauveur Basilica and Parc du Thabor gardens in Rennes, and both the Bourbansais and Châteaubriand Castles.

It is with great pride that Crézé bears the EPV label for Living Heritage Companies, bestowed by the French government to French businesses who boast exceptional craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

Find out more about our distinguished projects, undertaken in the service of French and Breton heritage, below.

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With every project comes new challenges that serve to bolster our expertise. It is this expertise that allows Crézé to carry out restorations on a regional, national, and even international level. On a more local level, Crézé is a major player in regional conservation, with restoration projects including the Kiosque du Thaborpavilion in Rennes, and the gates and railings that border the Brittany Prefecture. Each time we restore historical monuments in France – such as the grandiose front gate to the Les Invalides museum, or the gate and railings around the Palais Garnier opera house –, we strive to bring French craftsmanship and heritage to the forefront. The renovation of such monumental landmarks is extraordinarily demanding in terms of the quality of work expected of and provided by our teams.

Our workshop in Rennes, France, has developed exceptional know-how in the fashioning of metals such as steel, pure and wrought-iron, brass, and bronze, thus allowing us to work on all types of projects; from the restoration and refurbishment of French historical monuments and heritage sites, to the creation of public property. This mastery in the field is what leads Crézé to work on so many prestigious historical sites.

As part of its desire to support French heritage, Crézé helped found the Club des Mécènes du Patrimoine de Bretagne (Breton Heritage Patronage Club) in 2016. This club aims to provide financial support for the restoration and enhancement of regional heritage, while promoting and preserving local craftsmanship.

Crézé thus contributes to the excellence of French craftsmanship and its reputation throughout the world.

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The Crézé workshop is where craftsmanship and creation come together. It is here that successful collaborations are born, thanks to the key skills of our teams and the architects, designers, and artists with whom we do business. Consideration, imagination, creativity, and collaboration are the key words that inspire our craftsmen in all their creations. The works we produce are the fruit of our ambition to proudly showcase the materials and techniques we use.

Crézé's creations can be found in the most unique and illustrious locations – the Pierres Noires lighthouse in Finistère and the Place Vendôme square in Paris, for instance –, testifying to the trust bestowed upon us by our major national customers. Crézé owes its renown to the quality of its teams' craftsmanship and to their ability to adapt to any type of material, configuration, or environment – whether indoors or outdoors. As we see it, decorative ironwork allows us to (re)create pieces that blend the appeal of modernity with the charm of yesteryear.

We design creations for indoor and outdoor use alike. They are thought out and drawn up in close collaboration with both customers and general contractors. They are then produced in our workshops and installed by our very own teams.

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